Ten Tantalizing Tips to LIVING a Charmed Life



Anything else wouldn’t be worth the breath you are breathing, after all.

2. Kiss often. Where and when applicable give love freely, accepting love is not a currency and that there are no refunds, nor is there a promise or repayment for what is gifted and expended. Love was designed to be simple and spent freely. Don’t make it more complicated than it was designed to be.

ThReE: Fun, have it. Lots. OF. It. Laugh when tears would be more appropriate. Cry only after laughing too hard.

4. Accept what cannot be explained at face value. Once in a great while, life will make an investment in you or gift something too spectacular to understand. Regardless of how much you look for the meaning, sleuth for reasons, or dissect your life down to the bone, for a reasonable explanation, none will be found. Tis a gift to be embraced, embrace it.

FIVE: Mind your own business. Don’t covet what is not yours. Live YOUR life exclusively. Don’t grant envy full rein. Destiny isn’t designed to custom fit the skin you are in. It’s configurable if you’re inclined to roll up your sleeves and work to alter the trajectory of the course you are walking. Remember this: if you are coveting someone else life how do you know that same someone isn’t wishing for yours? It’s all about perspective. Keep yours focused.

siX. Sleep late, cook what you’re craving, take a walk on the wild side, wear plaid with stripes, make time for detours, and if you must plan, prepare for the best but hope for the worst. Don’t fret over the unexpected. Time is finite and the one currency that cannot be hoarded. Spend it as freely as you do love. Live in the moment.

Lucky 7: Kick back, bark if you must, but never in anger. Make or take a stand to protect your authentic self, and if/when necessary walk away remembering that there is usually no one around to hear the last word, anyway. Standing tall in silence communicates a powerful and memorable message.

No woman or man, regardless of their size, 2 or 24, is happy with body she/he is slipping into a pair of jeans. Be presently perfect and accepting of your foibles, even the flaws, which no doubt could fill a book if you were so inclined to broadcast. Perfection is defined and redesigned every season by someone who lives in a tower atop a mountain with no window into your soul. Write your own charter, remembering your authentic self.

niNe. Say what you feel. Even if the words never break the sound barrier, find a safe harbor for your emotions in a journal. Say or write it. Let go. Purge the hurt. Trapped emotions hinder personal expansion, and generally skew perspective and can damage a relationship irrevocably.

TEN: Respect yourself, and every persona you harbor within. Take care of you, all of your flavors.

10.5:  HUG LIFE with all your might

Finally look at the world as a writer does: with a microscopic lens. Take notice of the world you walk through, see the people around you, and listen with your ears, but fine tune with your heart. Be compassionate in your assessment, with your word choices, and if you are so inclined, imagine a less tragic ending to another’s story.

…And every so often share a story from your life with someone who matters. Leave a behind a legacy in words for your children, a lover, and/or a loved one. Show, not tell, them how you lived your life. Better yet, keep a living journal.

What is your secret to living a charmed life?



I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

26 thoughts on “Ten Tantalizing Tips to LIVING a Charmed Life

  1. Beautifully written, Brenda. Boy it’s been a while since I’ve been over to your warm space. I hope to make it a habit again.
    I think as we grow both as humans and authors, we learn to embrace all of the tools you have listed above. Especially becoming more comfortable within our own skin, owning our lives and learning to respect ourselves as well as others. I’ve learned the hard way that the only path toward true love and kindness is to respect and be kind to ourselves first. We must love both our inner and outer beings and always be true to our own passion and heart.
    gina recently posted….The New Mrs. Collins Blog Tour and Book ReleaseMy Profile

    • Gina, how nice it is seeing you here again. While I have been writing, I was remiss in my social media obligations. There is not rest for the undiscovered.

    • Thanks, Chrys.. It’s a good practice to keep the writer’s mind nimble. Like writing a poem. What can we say about the life around us and we recharge and consider the gaps, work on a story, or while redefining our marketing strategy.

  2. Brenda, you’ve done it again with your wise, and humorous, take on how we should live our lives authentically. I especially liked the loving freely and the laughing until we cry. :) We have to fully engage in our own existence, the only one God has given us. In it, there is no room for anything but rejoicing. And, observing, as the writer’s heart tells us to do, every nuance, every opportunity, every emotion as it intersects our path, is all important and is a reward in itself.
    Love and blessings!
    Martha Orlando recently posted….Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?My Profile

  3. Wow, Brenda, these are all delightful elements of living a charmed life. And yes, they describe a writer’s heart and soul to a T – they describe mine anyway. The common thread in each of these is “be who you already are.” Or, you might say, “Become who you already are.” Because throughout our lives the world attempts to strip us of our genuineness, tries to set our standards for us and make us mold ourselves accordingly. Real artists don’ conform though. They stick to the original plan, regardless. It ain’t always easy, however. But you make it sound easy here. You lighthearted girlfriend, you! :-)
    Debra recently posted….Harvest MoonMy Profile

  4. LOVE 6, don’t do it very much, but last week, I allowed myself to relax and catch up on rest. I had to get really sick for that to happen, but that is how it is. :0 I took hold of that time and used it to my maximum!

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