Top Ten Reasons Not To Write

10. You can’t get to your computer

9.  Antonio Banderas invites you out for drinks

8.  You got a bad perm

7.  You’re checking into the Betty Ford Clinic

6.  You’re starting a bee farm

5.  You can’t find parts for your computer

4.  Your arms don’t reach the keyboard

3. You have a headache

2. You’ve got to get back home

1. It’s 5:00 somewhere


Sorry, no luck, there isn’t a single reason you shouldn’t be writing, but for fun, give me your best excuse.

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I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

54 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Not To Write

  1. Hmmm… My little niece says I’m the queen of excuses lol…

    Let’s see, because I’m playing PVC late nights before going to sleep…
    …too drained from work to think of something…
    …my low bp gives me headache…
    …I’m talking with a ‘special’ friend :P…
    …I’m watching cartoons with my little nieces…
    …I’m still having a retreat :P…

    I could go on … I wish I could write I have a date, oh well, lol…

    but these are JUST excuses…
    melissa recently posted….Early Retreat: First partMy Profile

  2. jan

    1) the couch is calling me, a call I simply can’t ignore.
    2) the rain stopped.
    3) the dog needs a bath.
    I could go on, but since I’m not a writer it is easy for me to make excuses to not keep up the blog. I sometimes get in the mode of ” no one will read it anyway”. I think that particular excuse is called self pity. I never stay there long…lol Thanks for the nudge!

  3. My worst and most frequent excuse is TV! I know, I know, I hang my head in shame. ‘I’ll write after this episode. Or after this nap. … Hmm I’ll get to my nap after this episode. Then I’ll write.”

  4. Hi Brenda,

    Aside from reading a blog post that is dedicated to reasons not to write, my other excuses for not writing include: dusty keyboard, thinking about the Christmas tree that we haven’t taken down yet, and Netfilx marathons.

    You’re right, there are no good excuses — except for being knocked out by a cold or the flu. I hope that that’s all behind you now.
    Ray Colon recently posted….Advancing PhilomenaMy Profile

    • Ray – I had a Netflix marathon recently ( but I was sick and figure it was OKAY). But still, the guilt of not writing for a couple of days was brutal.

    • Chris thanks for stopping by and the delay in respond (road warrior lately). It doesn’t matter if anyone reads what you write – just write and write and write, because eventually someone will. This I learned.

  5. Oh, you made me smile today, Brenda! Happy new year!
    Here are my not-so-legit excuses:
    – I broke my finger cliff jumping in Hawaii …
    – I punctured my thumb throwing a rose into the Seine …
    – I lost my heart in San Francisco and am still trying to find it …
    – a penguin bit my butt on the Galapagos Islands …

    You ARE right of course :)
    Astra recently posted….Domestic Labour Unrest …My Profile

  6. It’s time to exercise
    I have to think of excuses not to exercise.
    My treadmill uses to much electricity.

    Wait, I think got a little off track …

    Awesome post, Brenda. But if Antonio Banderas asks you out for drinks, I DARE you to turn him down because you have to write! ;p

  7. I’d rather read entertaining posts from other fantastic bloggers
    Ellen (I liked that one above)
    tax forms need to be taken care of (sorry for that one)
    I’d like to sew instead
    It’s a perfect grey rainy day for burrowing into bed and reading
    It’s a perfect grey rainy day for a nap
    I’d like to paint
    I’d like to sketch
    I’d like to flip through my new Elle Decor magazine
    Barbara recently posted….SoftMy Profile

  8. Since I don’t fancy Antonio, that would be a good reason to write. I hate when I hold things in my head and not at least jot them down. There’s no good reason, unless there’s some health issue and even then, serious writers attempt to keep going. Even if they make recordings.
    totsymae1011 recently posted….Road Rage and Toilet PaperMy Profile

    • Totsy – You should feel free to replace Antonio with whomever captures your interest. Mostly I keep writing and never far from it, even if it’s shite and journal notes, I am dumping.

  9. I’m addicted to writing, so I can’t think of one excuse not to write. The worst is when I’m writing in my head, with no access to the computer or even paper (like when I’m driving). Chances are, by the time I do get to my computer, the lines I wrote have left my head. Sigh.
    monicastangledweb recently posted….An Undocumented YouthMy Profile

    • Monica, you and I share this addiction. BTW, there is a great App to capture those stranglers thoughts if you are without pen and paper, and there is always email. I do that – send myself an email.

  10. My top excuses:
    – It’s too noisy in here.
    – I need to go to the grocery store. Or vacuum. Or unload the dishwasher.
    – I need to exercise before I sit down for an hour.
    – I need to contemplate and digest my thoughts for a while.

    I agree with the person above who said the only real excuse is “I don’t feel like it” and even that is not a very good excuse.

    Fun post Brenda!
    Carol Apple recently posted….A Typical Saturday or How to Read While Doing ErrandsMy Profile

    • Carol – you know the chores can wait – I can promise you know one will do them for you and they will be waiting for you if you stop to write. :-)

  11. Oh, how I love this! Dorothy’s magic slippers and Antonio Banderas….what else could a girl want? Thank you for this. As Mary Poppins would say, “Perfectly perfect in every way!”
    Looking forward to your next visit to Santa Fe!

  12. Hi Brenda! Love, much as I enjoy writing, there is no way I would decline drinks with Antonio Banderas to stay at home and pen my thoughts. No can do, sister! hee hee! I don’t know if this confirms that other passions take precedence or that I can put writing on a back burner if the need arises. In any case, this post made me smile! Wishing you the best in 2013, amiga! :)

  13. And my pencils, my pencils need sharpening! (never mind that I don’t actually use pencils to write ANYTHING.

    Anything is a good excuse not to write – for me it’s twofold; one, because it’s so painful to tear myself away and do the other things I need to do, like sleep, work, etc. The other is because lately, been dealing with shoulder issues that make writing physically painful – but am seeing a light at the end of THAT tunnel.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted….Babies Come From Armpits & Other Sex MythsMy Profile

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