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I don’t always come to the day with an idea in mind; usually I am the last one to learn what I am going to write about. You doubt me?  Read more…

Digging around

 If I have NOTHING (the norm) I crawl through the alcoves of my cluttered mind turning over boxes, opening mental journals looking for a thread of possibility. It’s not uncommon for me to get lost in my memories, stand idle on the same page, reread about a lover I misplaced. I might relive a conversation or make one up, or wonder if he ever wonders if I wonder about him. I might craft a Tweet sized love note for his pillow, dig to the back of the sensory memories to recall the taste of lips, linger until an omnipresence voice fractures my rapture sending me back to my digging. All the while, I’ll be hoping to catch a ride out of the dark on the first thought that lingers beyond a flutter. 

In the background…

Patsy Cline circles around on the MP3 player, If You’ve Got Leaving on Your Mind. The reality of the moment I am sitting is blurs at the edges until it goes black.  The fireflies of my imagination twinkle in the distance inviting me deeper into the parallel moment. Their warmth draws me near, nearer, even nearer. The closer I get to what brought me to this alternate world hovers just out of reach.  It’s …. closer, just a few inches closer, and I’ll be able to reach it.



The train doors open and the real moment zaps the alternate world in my head and what was so close is gone. I exit the train grasping at evanesce.  If I’m lucky I’ll have glimpsed the idea that floated in with the song, and later when I’m at my desk, make a note in the form of a word document. Not everything is post appropriate but any idea is saved for further exploration.


A word with potential is all it takes. 

Dot-to-dot (word game, follow the crumbs)

POV-character traits-three dimensional-task list-composite-??-deadlines-lists-distractions-you’ve got game-distracted-focus-what was it his kiss tasted like-fade writing diets-disjointed-connected. 

This is an abridged glimpse into my cluttered mind’s search process for post worthy content, but what happens is similar. Word connects to word, to thought, until there is a spark.

Today’s inspiration:   A list of reasons a writer doesn’t write

Making it a reality

The physical act of opening a document followed quickly by the first sentence is like making it to first base on a date. I’ve made a pack with my mind to resume writing.  All that is required of the writer in me is to unpack the raw thoughts on the page, order, reorder, until the post has substance. 

Fine Print

If you’re a writer you’re not immune to flights of fancy, quivers down your spine, the rush of the unexpected, or distractions of the most devious sort. Distractions are a part of life, but for the writer, they are both curse and savior. They are not always, what they seem and can take a variety of forms. They are genetically, chemically, magically, spiritually, and all others—this covers dust bunnies, green fuzz growing in the vegetable bin of the fridge, ringing in your ears, boys, girls, lanky men with come-hither bedroom eyes, unexpected urges to organize, vampires, aliens, ear hair— are manufactured by the writer to prevent the writer from harnessing their focus on the page.  A distraction can take the writer off the page to aisle ten at Target or to a flowered meadow in the glen where a strapping Irish lad is waiting for the buxom Fiona. Maybe it was the green fuzz in the fridge that triggered the glen.


The list of reasons a writer doesn’t write traveled with me to the blank page but when as my fingers clickity-clacked across the page what I saw in my mind wasn’t what found its way to the page.  I don’t fight myself when this happens ( which is a lot)  I continued typing.  I realized as I finished typing the post I had missed a stray thread in the word game, which was the creative arc of a post. It has game. It’s a distraction from the WIP. It’s a composite of fragmented thoughts. It’s a writer’s journal of discovery. It’s the taste of his kiss on yours. It’s a poem. It’s the process of writing the truth as your mind sees it. It’s a writer’s character exposed on the page. It’s a POV unrehearsed. It’s you. It’s a moment set to words connected with or without intent.


Do you break down your ideas into single words, and then connect them until the thought is complete before you start writing?


I try but my propensity for failure is in the upper percentile.

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I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

35 thoughts on “The Origin of a Blog Post

  1. I’m very “go with the flow” when it comes to writing. I don’t fight whatever comes. Sometimes it’s a word or a character. Other times it’s a nearly full plot. Either way, I sit down and just start typing. Mind you, I’m tying notes–usually with snippets of dialogue and sometimes full scenes. Once everything is in my head, I begin my draft. And quite often I won’t even use those notes. It’s a crazy process, but it works for me. ;P
    Kelly Hashway recently posted….Monday Mishmash 6/11/12My Profile

    • I think this is where you and I are similar, Kelly. I am not totally without a list of possibilities, but it’s not always something I want to blog about, or will, or can. When I start writing if my thought hops down a bunny hole I follow it.

      • For me, blogging is much more free-form than …”real” writing (smile). I reach down in there for something that tickles me, draw it up, and hope its eyes are still flashing by the time it’s posted. Writing-with-a-capital-W: Methodical, straightforward, and I never quite know where a session is going to take me. The difference is that blogging stays in the category of browsing in shops or playing with the kittens. Relief and social interaction!
        Helen W. Mallon recently posted….“Casual Day at the Crazy House”My Profile

        • Helen… I understand exactly what you mean. For me the blog is a playground. I experiment with voice, form, thoughts, etc., I never know where it’s going and I am always surprised by comments and what the reader sees.

  2. Hey Brenda,
    Great post. You have a productivity to your posts that I find inspiring. I’m a once a week blogger. I keep a list of themes that I want to explore and try to write on those topics. Sometimes those ideas come from my writing group, reading about writing or out of thin air. I also like to do author interviews, so I’m always eager to meet local authors who might be interested in participating in an interview.
    I like your word and sensual memory association approach. I’m looking forward to trying that soon!
    As you suggest, the most important work is just to keep at it–the ‘bum glue’ approach.
    Michele Tracy Berger recently posted….Yearning Characters, Writing, and The Naming of Ghosts: Interview with Author Steve MitchellMy Profile

    • Thanks, Michele for stoping by. I am glad you enjoy reading and find something of value for future use. I always get ideas from other writers. If an idea comes to me on whatever topic and it holds interest for me I create a document or make an audio memo on my phone. I do. I’ve not tried to interview anyone before other than informally over a glass of wine. I do make up interviews with dead poets, etc., Hmmm. I’m not sure if I have the chops for it, but it might be fun to try.

  3. I have to be inspired before I write. It doesn’t have to be something earthshattering – it can be a single world, but it’s a word that’s calling to me: “use me,” and so I go with it. Maybe in time I will be able to sit down and with perseverance come up with something. Thanks for sharing your process and the great song!
    Elizabeth Young recently posted….The WriterMy Profile

  4. Romancing the hopeful … that’s you, Brenda! I loved this post on many levels but mostly on a subliminal level. As you know, I write about Life. Sometimes I worry that I’ll upset people in my ‘Life’ if I write about them, so mostly I write about me in this Life. One of the presenters at the Erma conference said, “If you listen hard enough, you don’t have to make anything up.” So I listen now too.
    But… I also started keeping this separate, secret journal for all those “composite of fragmented thoughts” like you said in your Conclusion. They come to me. I don’t know why. I never know when. But I started to write them down. “They are moments set to words with or without intent.” Maybe … just maybe … they’re intended to be a WIP someday!
    Astra recently posted….“Honey I Shrunk My Short-Term Memory!”My Profile

    • Astra – I’ve carried your comment around with me since reading it. Good for you keeping a private journal for exploration. I do that as well, and often weave the thought into my fiction or a poem. I think a writer has to tell their family circles, anything is up for grabs. When I visit my mom and sister, they always tell me “this is not fodder for your stories…” their language is more colorful, but you get the meaning. Even if I am not writing about people I know they ask me if I did. You can’t win. I say, write what calls you. Erma is absolutely spot on… I used to feel guilty dropping in on conversations, but I got over that too. Have you seen the change in your work since your first started blogging and writing in between? Your voice is soaring.

  5. How interesting to see where inspiration comes from. For me, it’s often something that just catches my attention. Something someone says, or something I see while I’m out, or something I read. Sometimes when I actually start to write about it, I end up saying something different than what I thought I was going to say!

    I also jot things down on scraps of paper because my memory is terrible! I have a little bowl and I throw all the little scraps in there. Then if I need an idea, I look through the scraps till one seems right.
    Galen Pearl recently posted….A Problem Solver’s ProblemMy Profile

    • Hi Galen, I LOVE the idea of the bowl. It sounds like a story to me. I create word documents or make an audio note in my phone if I am no where near a piece of paper. I used to think I’d remember, but after forgetting enough times I realized I had to write ideas down or they’d evaporate. What’s for me when I write a post like this is learning from others, your bowl is a wonderful example. I can’t let go of that thought. Thanks kindly for stopping by. Will be by soon.

  6. —-It’s a composite of fragmented thoughts. It’s a writer’s journal of discovery. It’s the taste of his kiss on yours. It’s a poem. It’s the process of writing the truth as your mind sees it. It’s a writer’s character exposed on the page. It’s a POV unrehearsed. It’s you. It’s a moment set to words connected with or without intent.–

    My Favorite part! Thanks, Dear Brenda. Xx
    My Inner Chick recently posted….Laughing. Praying. Loving.My Profile

  7. Somedays, nothing triggers any thoughts at all. Other days, thoughts come unbidden and overwhelming in their wide range of topics. Generally, to me, it’s a thread that I feel like pulling, a flight of fancy, or a memory, or a combination. I seldom plan what I’m going to write until I start writing it. (But, Brenda, I am not a writer of your caliber and I never will be!)
    Linda Medrano recently posted….Sex – In the Kitchen? – Day 12My Profile

    • Linda, you flatter me. I’ve wonder about you and your blogging month, while I don’t post here daily, I typically write every day. Like you, I don’t really plan the blog posts. Occasionally, I’ll have an idea and more or less stick to it if it, but mostly I catch a thought (as you do) and ride it.

  8. When writing my devotions, I read the daily scripture, allow one to speak to me, ruminate on it, sometimes for quite awhile, until a story gels. Then, I get down to the business of writing.
    I love how you have described your process here, Brenda. I could literally feel those distractions at work!
    Martha Orlando recently posted…."Hear! Hear the Voice of the Lord!"My Profile

    • Martha, YAY!! Glad you like the view into my madness. For me it was the best part of the post, showing. I lingered too long in process of writing this one because I was having fun. Anyway, I’ve wondered about how you connect your devotions to the story. I thought maybe the story came before the scripture, either way, it seems tough.

    • Pamela – I sometimes have a glass of wine, OK, most nights after the mom job is done, I pour a glass of wine put on some tunes and let the magic word out to play.

  9. I am all over the place. Sometimes I have a post I “have” to write – because I have promised a book review, interview, or serious essay on some serious subject. Other times I just drink until the words comes babbling out. Or something outrages, moves, or excites me.

    What ends up on the page or screen is never, EVER, what I thought would, when I began writing. It’s like I have a subconscious terrorist in my brain, “The plane will take us to Cuba now,” only it doesn’t quite get there, either.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted….Drunken Unedited Birthday Thoughts.My Profile

    • I loved that comment, a subconscious terrorist in your brain. I’ve always thought something was wired wrong in my head because of the wrong content showing up on the page, almost like have unruly curls, really. In the end, I’ve accepted my genetic imperfection and carry on as if it’s normal behavior. On a another note altogether, I simply adore your interview style. I think it takes a certain kind of person to pull it off – so the interview is compelling. Kudos.

  10. Here’s my trouble: I have so many ideas for posts in my head, I can’t keep up with them. I would have to write 24/7 (and quit my day job) to write them all down. It’s crazy, but the ideas won’t stop coming. So I’ve started to make a list. And when I finish one, I go to my list and let inspiration tell me which one to write next.
    Monica recently posted….In Praise of Black & WhiteMy Profile

    • Monica- this is a wonderful thing. I don’t roll that way for the blog. I have oodles of ideas for stories or poems, etc., but the blog and me have different ideas about posting content. The minx within thought, post a steam letter to a dream lover, and then the blogger says… really? Yes, there is a bit of censoring going on with.. Then again, it depends on my mood.

      • Lucky you, Monica! I have a little difficulty coming up with things to write about on my blog. I think mostly, though, its because I have my 1st blog which is about my kids and I can easily post there, but then I start to censor myself on my public blog, fearing people will hate a post and immediately unfollow me! Perhaps the longer I keep at this new public blog, the less I’ll censor myself. Of course my most recent post deals with Russian prisons and cannibalism so maybe I should censor more?! lol
        Andrea Miles recently posted….Russian Prisons and CannibalismMy Profile

    • Thanks, Linda. It comes to me in words, feelings, an image, a name… I just never know for sure. I am with you though, once it’s there I’m gone.

  11. My newest word is sitzfleisch, that German word that means to sit and write. Sometimes a theme or a word emerges spontaneously, and sometimes not.

    Anyway, whatever you’re doing Brenda, it’s working 😉 Keep digging deep. And when you interview any good (dead) poets, please call me over to join you. I’ll bring the wine. Who shall we call?
    Debra recently posted….The Still PointMy Profile

    • Debra – we must hook up sometime, in person, share a drink, talk.. You make me smile from the inside. Yes, sit still, write, that’s all it takes.

  12. Hey, and I sometimes feel guilty that I seem to be the only blogger I know who doesn’t plan posts or write them in advance! I always, always write them on the night itself. Sometimes I plan to write about a particular theme/book, then things just change … an idea whisked away, another barging in. And many of my posts are inspired by a word, or a phrase, or an image from a gust of wind. Scatterings piecing themselves together for me on Blog Night. A word with potential …

    Is all it takes, indeed, B.
    Claudine recently posted….A Notebook, My Trusty Pencil & Great ExpectationsMy Profile

    • Claudine, you and I share similar writing habits. It’s kind of cool. Clearly I do not have a list nor any idea what I am going to write about until I sit down. Today is blogging day and my mind has a grand plan but time is running out and I am not sure I’ll get to it. I hope you have a grand holiday.

  13. As not much of my writing for the moment is done at home, all day I’m balancing and juggling and trying to keep the words and throught streams together for that hour or so, in between my many jobs when I can whip out my notebook and write, later transferring it to the screen.

    Sometimes I think I’m not sure what I am going to write and that usually turns out to mean it just needs to gestate a little longer, it means I need to move and keep on doing what I am doing until the ideas come.

    When the pen hits the paper it all comes out in a gush, like the floodgates opening.
    Claire’Word by Word’ recently posted….The SmileMy Profile

    • Joyce, I am glad you found a silver lining post surgery, and hope your recovery is a good one. Thanks much for swinging on by.

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