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My Writing Process revealed:

Thanks, Kelly Hashway–Speculative Fiction Author– for inviting me to participate in the My Writing Process, worldwide blog tour.

What the heck am I working on today?

As Rosanna Dana always said, “It’s always something…” in my case, there is always something brewing on my pages.

My current project, BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO, is a Bewitched meets Bridget Jones story. It’s a novel, and it currently looking to be complete at 82,000 words (final edits will determine actual word count.assignment4_granger_caitlin

You’re wondering how my story differs from other stories with bewitching twist. 

Charly Rivera is not your typical woman. She’s spent her life coveting Jan Brady’s life of simplicity, the very last thing she wants to do on her twenty-fifth birthday is join her mother, Esmeralda, under a full moon on the winter solstice, celebrating her gift of magick at a Wicca coming out party. But having spent her formative years peddling dreams to the broken hearted for twenty-five dollars a shuffle; she doubts she’ll be able to deny the magick much longer. Her powers are strong, but as the big day draws near, her abilities grow tenfold.

She’d also like to find a man taller than she is who is not metrosexual, doesn’t find carbs offensive, and won’t drop her like a hot caldron when he discovers she’s the daughter of the psychic to the stars, owner of www.wiccaanywitchwayyoucan.com, and best selling author. She lives vicariously through Lawrence, her best friend, who indulges on the delectable offerings of San Francisco’s nightlife. She’s resigned herself to running her business—Charly’s Coo-Coo-Ca-Choux Cookies, a boutique cookie provider to the baristas throughout the city—and spinsterhood, maybe a coven for retired and de-magicked Wiccans.

Artwork: Caitlin Granger—daughter and graphic design student—created the cover as part of a homework assignment. I like the bit about being a New York Time’s bestseller!

Why do I write what I do?

I don’t know, I just do. I’m not locked into any particular type of story, although I lean towards writing fiction about quirky, strong women, with non-formulaic endings because life isn’t always perfect.  But I have written for middle grade, young adult, and very recently, the trendy new adult market.

That’s all well and good, but you’re curious about my writing process?

I don’t have a specific process other than I sit down multiple times each day, and write. Since I have a day job, I don’t have a set schedule and find time in my day to write a word here, three hundred words, there.  I buy notebooks, but do not use them. I have writing journals, in fact, I have several, but mostly they collect dust on the shelf.  I have Scrivner, which is amazingly powerful but I don’t use it regularly. My preferred medium is MS Word.

I don’t go looking for a story, rather a character falls into me, which is where I start. I don’t dream up elaborate plots. I tried following a plotting process but it didn’t work for me. I don’t plan the entire story before I write. I can’t start a story until I see the character and know their name.  Once this information reveals itself, the rest materializes each day as I sit down and write.

How do you tackle big projects?  


You can read about my new novella, Loving is Good, the first in the series, here, published by The Wild Rose Press.

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Thanks for stopping by, and keep me posted.

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  1. Some good bewitching stuff going on, B., and I love how your daughter has designed that book cover for you! (Is that a penguin logo at the top left corner?) My big projects begin with reading and lots of scribbling. I’m about to embark on another after my latest ebook is released. Butterflies in the tummy – in the good way for now. Best of luck with your books, B., and thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I always love hearing from you.
    Claudine @ CarryUsOff Books recently posted….Spinning from the CloudsMy Profile

  2. My characters find me, too, and they lead me on a journey that takes me to the unexpected. I don’t write on a set schedule, though I should. And, like you, I am seated at my computer at different times of the day to write.
    Great post as always, Brenda!
    Martha Orlando recently posted….Spring!My Profile

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