Talking Truths on Tuesday, Confessions And Other Embarassing Stuff

Talking Truths on Tuesdaytalking-truths-on-tuesday

One of my non-resolutions for 2017 sees me takings more risks. The real-life challenge for me is confessing that I push the envelope most of the time, but not online. The author in me behaves, keeps to herself, wallows in her misery, confusion, obsessions, fears, dark nasty doubt, and my silent nerdiness. I blame my Latin/Catholic upbringing.

The combo of the two is akin to running life’s marathon with two different shoes. My smaller foot wears the expensive running shoe. The larger of the two feet slips on a two-sizes too big rubber rain boot. Imagine trotting through life with one foot bigger than the other, the conflicts, the dichotomy, and the impact on the psyche.

To some (not sure who), I’m perfect, slick and polished, fast to reach the finish line; but I’m also awkward, behave as if I am normal and hide my strangeness, and tend to do the unthinkable.  I’m prone to saying I love you way too soon, and then sabotaging my happiness because of all those years in Catholic school spent under the tutelage of the good Sisters who taught too much of good thing might be bad. Per my family, I’m insanely dramatic and equally illogical (the pot calling the kettle black). I have more than one persona, but who doesn’t?

  • There’s the professional me, effective and efficient
  • Creative and ethereal, she’s moody and flighty
  • The caregiver, kind and nearly patient (I try)

You can catch my drift. As for the author inside the Latina (or is that the other way around?) and the undeclared commitment to step outside my comfort zone in 2017; the goal is to be less perfect (Ha!). Dishing up the unspoken truth, take a few risks, share my failures (success dressed up in a life lesson meant to push and make me work harder), loves and hates, and the other stuff I’d rather keep buried in the alcove under a layer of cobwebs.

Aside from feeling queasy about my unveiling is the other challenge; I’ve offered the following advice on Blogging:

  1. What is the goal or aim of your post? Why would anyone care?
  2. Is the content of your post something your reader wants to read?

And here I am about to break the first two suggestions with Talking Truths on Tuesday. I don’t know if anyone wants to read about my clinically diagnosed obsession with buying journals or my addiction to cosmetics and my inability to walk past Sephora without walking in and slathering myself with products. But what the heck, I own this piece of real estate in the virtual wilderness and don’t care about the rules.

Truths:  the author in me is keen to INDY publish a trio of novellas, but she’s also terrified because she’s made no effort to build up a mailing list or a following, and she barely tweets.

But, it’s the year of the unpublished list of desires, and I have a plan. I promise to share my failures, I mean successes.

And finally, you know Talking Truths on Tuesday is not just about me, how annoying would that be if you only heard my secrets. I’m hoping to entice others into confessing their inner nerdiness, a secret, or an embarrassing story. Write me at, because if you don’t reach out, I’ll come looking for you. I will.


Catch a couple of episodes of One Day At A Time on Netflix if you’re  curious about all the hype and want some insight to our Latin quirkiness. I’m the Southwest brand of Latin and not Cuban as are the characters in the series, but regardless of the flavor of Latin, we share several attributes.


I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

9 thoughts on “Talking Truths on Tuesday, Confessions And Other Embarassing Stuff

  1. shannon

    Right now my new year’s resolution (RISK) is just to start a new project! I haven’t written/researched anything in a year…going through all the typical mental conversations (nobody wants to read what I write, I am a lousy writer, etc.) About six months ago I quit calling myself a writer so the most terrifying thing I can do is start all over again. I am leaving town today for two weeks and return to my clean, ready-to-welcome-desk on February 1st, my “new” new year.

  2. Brenda, it’s so difficult to abandon our comfort zone and take risks. Ironically, that is something I’ve told myself I’m going to do in this New Year. While I love, love, love writing and have published six books, I truly haven’t done enough to promote them in my community (my publisher does diddly). So that is my challenge to myself – create a platform, get into schools and churches, etc.
    No, I’m not comfortable, but I have to do this!
    Blessings, my friend!
    Martha Orlando recently posted….The Prodigal PrincessMy Profile

  3. Taking risks is a good goal for 2017! It can be hard- but sometimes once we take the risk we are propelled forward whether we like it or not. :) I am happy to hear of another person with more than one persona- I think it often depends on the hat I am wearing at the time. Definitely full of quirks. :)
    Jess@Fairday’s Blog recently posted….Writing In A Break…My Profile

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