A Writer Writes

A Writer Wonders…

love writing2016: I found my writing voice haphazardly several years back. The journey to the home in my heart has been fraught with both amazement and disappointment. All of which I have revealed here, on the virtual …

Ten Writing Habits To Nurture

Of late I’ve spent my time in the backroom hunched over my computer tapping away on the pink Kuzy keyboard cover. In the front room—Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram and Pinterest—have carried on, made lots of noise, called, cajoled, beckoned (almost …

The Writer’s Rite of Passage

writers riteDeciding to pursue a creative passion—such as writing—for some is the most difficult decision they’ll ever make. For some it’s a calling thus eliminating the stress of selection. Yet for others it’s a folly, a spring fling, only played with …

Writer’s Job Description

Key Attributes:size ten

  • Possess excellent communication skills and be able to address delicate subjects, such as
    • Plot
    • Internal and external conflict
    • Writing engaging dialogue that reveals character and moves the story forward
    • Show and not tell at the right time
    • Tell

A Ring of Fire

I shudder as I type these words, but admitting I have a problem is the first step. Right?

It’s no secret I took to writing like a moth to the flame. Writing is like a drug to me, even though …

If You Asked Me

I might tell you where I was at 2:30AM on February 26, 1995.

I’d consider revealing the size of my Herman Munster sized feet, even the size of my over-the-shoulder boulder holders I sport, since breast augmentation is out of …

Shall We Dance

As the pages in the new WIP accumulate, my characters grow fierce. Their voices, once faint and willowy on the page, are now a force. Their strength rises from the page as heat off the asphalt on a two-lane highway