You Only Have To Believe

Ms. Tinker Bell

Magic Fairy Dust

C/o The Lost Boys
Second Star

RE: Fairy dust (just a pinch, a sprinkle really)

Dearest TiNk~

It’s been years since you visited my dreams. I’m older now, and like Peter did until you reminded him, I stopped believing in magic.  I did.

Adults tell their children with age comes wisdom but what they don’t mention is with higher learning the belief in magic evaporates.  As the years tick by, the child now adult, forgets the mysticism of you only have to believe.  We do.

Somewhere in the middle of a life, the adult walks through a cloud of déjà vu.  After, the edge of a memory hovers just out of reach leaving the adult perplexed.  Days accumulate but the cloud never quite evaporates.  It’s a sign.  Remember… it taunts, but for the life of you, nothing comes back. Day one, day two, and day one-hundred-and-three passes by with nothing any clearer after this seemingly endless passage of time, leaving you befuddled in damp and rumpled sheets.  You know you’ve lost something but for the very life you are blindly walking through, you cannot fathom what it is that has gone missing.

The morning after an undetermined amount of days, you wake up with a faint taste of a kiss on your lips.  You lick your lips hoping to seal in the flavor but it’s gone before you swallow.  It’s a teaser to restore your hunger to unearth what’s just out of reach.

A journey ensues through an almost endless haze of blurred memories to uncover what it was that was lost and what it is being sought. In rare cases, a mapped out travel guide—including steps and layovers, best places to linger—is gifted. Very few have it this easy and have to take the long road.

That’s me TiNk. I am always on that damn long road.  My whole life, I have hiked, missed trains, taken the wrong bus, walked around instead of through, missed the turning for the yellow brick road and watched Oz float away in the hot air balloon.  I have.  If there was ever a due-payer, I am that person.  I’ve paid double more times, than I can count on my fingers and toes combined.   I’m not bitter. I understand. I do.

The thing IS, just once, this singular time, I’d like a leg up, the map, the golden key, the spoonful of sugar, the ruby slippers, and one of the wishes Genie gave to Aladdin.

It’s ballsy of me to ask, I know, but I have good reason.  I looked at karma’s life ledgers and I am showing a substantial overpayment.   The same auditors, who tally the votes for the Academy Awards, keep karma’s book, so the numbers are accurate.  Trust me.

I’m asking for some guidance through the maze.  Help me find an agent for my book and beyond, gift me with the insight and wisdom to know what to do.  I don’t have time for trial and error.  This isn’t as easy as falling in and out of love and nursing the heartache after.  I have to know what I am doing. I do.

If you’re still in the business of restoring belief in magic I’d welcome a fly by and a fairy-dust sprinkling.  I’m not asking for an easy ride, only for the path to be lit up as I walk it.

Say hey to the lost boys for me, it’s been a while


A former lost girl

Do you still believe in magic?

My writer pal, June, from The Neurosis File, and I were talking  about the hunt for an agent when I said I needed some fairy dust, a little bit of night magic to help me on my way.  After, this letter automagically appeared on the blank page.  It’s all in fun.


I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

47 thoughts on “You Only Have To Believe

  1. Let’s all reclaim the fairy dust and the magic.
    Never lose the childlike wonder. It’s just too important.
    It’s what drives us… and now, my dear writing friend, let us keep believing.
    Let us keep the childlike faith in the right agent, publisher, book deal.
    Because children don’t raise objections to the improbable. They haven’t yet been taught realism and the scientific method as the pathway to knowledge, haven’t yet learned how to be clinical, intellectual, cynical. In their innocence, they still hear the bell and believe that all things are possible. Their world is still a miracle: beautiful, magical.
    Let’s agree right now to reclaim our magical believing!

    • Debra – I am holding on to all that magic. You only have to believe ( and work your butt off) and I can do both equally. At the moment, I am keeping my little word inside a bubble. I don’t want to be distracted nor do I want to hear gloom and doom tales of about impossible dreams. There is something about having a little faith that makes a woman feel as if she can leap tall buildings, yes?

  2. I hope TiNK sends some fairy dust to you soon. :) Best of luck with finding an agent soon! (You’ll find one, you will. Don’t lose sleep over this.)

    A while ago, a friend’s daughter, 10, asked if I believed in fairies. My face crinkled in pain. I was torn between telling the truth (that I didn’t, really) and not dampening her spirits. I sort of whizzed out a mangled ‘Mmmh … not really. But, do you?’ and she replied ‘Yes.’ No hesitation there.

    I believe in magical feelings rather than in Magic. I like to think there are fairies in gardens. I suppose I like feeling that way, instead of truly believing that there are fairies. Don’t know if this might change. Maybe in few years, I might change my mind again.

    • Claudine, I truly believe magic comes and goes depending on where a person is in their life. Regardless if you believe, sometimes it helps holding on to the possibility of a dream, until it’s reality. As noted earlier, I am excited about whatever may come next. Good, bad, or magical, it’s going to be a heck of ride.

  3. k~

    This letter is magickal…. (sprinkles some rainbow stardust over you, just for good measure). I believe in magick, and I believe that Tink will sail in the perfect agent, just for you!

  4. sistah B………dang woman….LOVE THIS! you know, hubby an i just watched this movie and balled our eyes out, truly sobbing he was and we can’t believe no one in our family shared “You gotta watch this” “finding neverland”. Out since 2004 and just viewed it…slow at first (maybe like us catching on…) but truth just the same. MUAH and may the agent find you SOON ..amen

    • So cool to have a Sistah B – so glad you enjoyed. I saw that movie – at the theater — and made a scene. That movie about killed me. I can’t bring myself to watch it again. I know, what a whip. Thank you for the kind words and stopping by.

  5. Yes, I do believe in magic. I’ve seen a lot of evidences of it in my life to ignore it. Maybe that’s why I write books that have a magical element to them. I don’t ever want to stop believing. And on a side note, when I was in school one of my friends and I were nicknamed Tink and Pete. Okay, I was Pete because she had blonde hair, but I was okay with that since Pete was usually played by a girl in actual plays. 😉

    • Kelly – I can’t NOT believe. I lost my spirit once – years and years ago– but I wasn’t me and life was less. You made me smile, Pete, that is such a great story…

  6. Val

    Yes Brenda, Magic is real to those who believe. Keep believing and putting your energy into the world and that fairy dust will fall right on you.

    • Yes, Mistress Val.. I will keep moving forward. I am actually excited about this part – at first I was filled with dread– not anymore. I’m not sure when I crossed over from the dark side, but… good to be floating on a cloud now.

  7. Everyone needs a little fairy dust to make their wish come true, and yes, you are SO deserving, so here’s hoping some will be sprinkled you way. Inside, we are all little girls.

  8. There is an agent you might think about. There is a series of books, “The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love” is one of them, and the author thanks her agent in it. I looked up the agency and it’s in NY. They give very specific instructions on how to approach them with your book idea. (Yeah, they almost all want you to give them a quick outline of your book submission, sort of assuming you haven’t written it yet.) In any case, email me if you want the name and address.

    This was some lovely and magical writing by the way.

    • Thanks Linda, and yes I will write you.. I haven’t read those book. I am in the process of finishing the draft query letter, etc., and hoping to polish it by next week. It was a fun write. Sometimes I like to play here in my virtual journal.

  9. That really is an awesome read. I can relate so well to having lost the “magic” I had once when I was a child (or, rather, all the time as a child). I’m getting it back, but it’s taking a great deal of stopping in my tracks and just not giving a damn about what, as an adult, I’ve come to take seriously. Even if it’s just once a day I let everything fly out the window and believe something totally silly. Whether it comes from my head or the head of someone else.

    Anything can happen, and it often does.

    • JR – it was a fun write. Sometimes it’s good to have fun, be playful, and express what’s in our hearts, yes. I do believe, I do, I do.

  10. With a pen like yours and such an outstanding bill, I imagine Tink will come through for you. Just make sure to remember that Tink is inside you, and you have the power to get that refund you deserve.

    • Tameka – We do a our fair of searching and wondering, tis a part of the road we must travel, yes? I do think we get overwhelmed and forget, but there is always the magic that reminds us. I think some days it is harder than other days, but I like to keep an eye on the horizon,you know, just in case there is magic hovering just out of reach. Thanks for visiting.

    • Yay! Michael Ann, there is nothing quite like that ole magic. If it’s in our hearts, there is nothing to stop us. Hugs, woman. You’re in my heart, always. Fly!

  11. Well wasn’t this just the best thing I’ve read all week!! You’re such an amazing writer, Brenda! But I have a feeling you already knew that.

    I sometimes feel the same way about Karma and how she owes me, but what I’m at least hoping, is that one day she’ll realize it’s time to pay back the ones who deserve it.

    I have no doubt that you’re going to find an agent for your book and that Karma will pay you back by making you a best seller. I know I’ll be first inline/click the link to get that book.

    I hope that made sense lol? Anyways, loved this post/letter.

    • Hey, Nate… I am flattered. I was thinking about you – saw your comment over on Annie’s site, and thought I should drop by and visit. You know us writers. we’re strange and always questioning ourselves, our words, or abilities, so hearing good things is always cherished and welcomed. Thank you kindly for your positive words. I am going to keep thinking it’s only a matter of time (after I finish query letter… and other).

  12. pamela bono

    Brenda.. Just thinkin’ about this today! Karma…payin’ dues. I couldn’t sleep last night. Awake I came to the horrific conclusion I was a due payer in this life…and/or idiot. With this came a sense of releif..if it is mine to be it..if not then it’s my biggest adventure! Tink is Indy with you?

    • Pamela, I think there are some of us that do have hefty dues paying, but on the other side, I know the life we lead is indeed strong and meaningful, even if we don’t always understand the why of it.. Hugs to you…

  13. Brenda, this is sweet. So sweet. Tink has always been one of my favorite characters. I do hope she listens and visits you soon. A little sprinkling of fairy dust would do all of us a world of good. 😉

    • Monica, I have always liked TiNk as well. Often when I am taken by the words ( as in this post) I stop to consider if it’s appropriate for my blog, and then then I remind myself, why I changed the name to Passionate Pursuits. No rules, not limits, and most everything is a passion. I will share my fairy dust. However, I am also believing if we collective all send out positive energy instead of negative, well, we just might turn the world on in it’s axis. Worth a shot..

  14. Mamawolfe

    Brenda, your writing always makes me think-I’m amazed at how much we have in common. I do believe in
    Magic and angels and all that stuff, but lately I’m learning to trust. I’m learning that sometimes it is just the putting ourselves
    Out there part that lets the magic happen. Sometimes what happens isn’t what I first expected, or even had any idea about. But it always a does happen, and if I have faith that it’s happening for a reason it turns out just how it is supposed to. Keep putting yourself out there. It will happen somehow, someway.

    • Jennifer – I have had moments of deep belief an a wasteland of doubt. Life is never what I expect is should be, even if i might wish it so, it continues to surprise me. This is where I found my lost magic, in the unexpected. It does take energy to trust, but in my bumpy existence I’ve learned it takes less… however, if the hair goes up on the back of my neck, I trust it. I dare say that blogging has granted me with some magic.. I’ve met people, such as yourself, through their words. I might never have had this chance.

  15. June O'Hara

    I won’t get into the fact that I had a supervisor who dubbed me TinkerBell. It kind of sucked the magic out of her. However, I am blessed beyond belief in my writing life. I’ve been the recipient of so many gifts, I know the universe is on my side. It does convince me to believe, even without invoking Tink.

    Thank you for such a lyrical post. There is magic in your words.

  16. I totally believe in fairies – in fact, thinking about writing about them, in my next novel (among other fantastical creatures).

    Magic *is*, whether we believe in it or not. (And I see it in your writing, girl!)

  17. Have you read Gail Carson Levine’s books about Pixie Hollow? There’s got to be a literary-agent-finding talent fairy lurking around there somewhere. Good luck!

    • Emily, I haven’t but I will look for it. I am into the strangest reading habit these days, right now it’s witches and anything unwordly. Thanks for stopping by and the good wishes.

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