Working Writer

A writer writes

I am a writer, working—
I work to write
I write to work
When I am working
I am writing
When I am writing
I am working.

Working brings joy, only
If words unfold and dance
In a frenzied state
Filling page after page, until
The story is set and the
Characters channel
The writer-working

Dizzy almost dazed
The writer in me rocks
In harmony to the
Of manicured nails tap-tap-taping
Across the keys with reckless
Abandonment, ‘till the writer surrenders

In awe, in exhaustion—in love
I am with this passion, a gift
To write word after word, across
The body, beyond the page, inside
My head—and
Upon sheets of unlined pages
Bound in leather tied by a string

At the edge—in my mind
I sit, waiting out the length
Of a breath, my fingers tremble
In fear, in anticipation, praying there’ll
Be another, one more word or several
Tickey-tick-tick-tickey-tock, the clock
Talks until the fingers stroke the silver keys

And the writer in me is renewed
Working to write, writing to realize
The story of a woman searching for
A dream of becoming–
A writer who works to write
Word after word
Inside the margin—beyond and afar

The writer I’ve become, working
Late, early, in between
The hours of sunset and sunrise–
When I am working
I am writing
When I am writing
I am working.

Is your passion your purpose, or is your purpose to find define and find your passion?



I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

65 thoughts on “Working Writer

  1. Thank you Brenda for this poignant, almost breathless piece of prose about the passion of writing. You have framed this art, this gift perfectly; shaded the parameters and given sound and diction to what essentially begins as flitting shadows in the writer’s mind. This piece is Brenda at her finest hour and it’s only January 3rd!

  2. Brenda, as always this is a gorgeous poem! I want to print this one out to inspire me. I love it. Sounds like me- the sentiment- I cannot write as beautiful!

    • Jodi, when I was writing this one the emotion was in my head before the words. I wrote a stanza, left my desk, came back and wrote another. Sometimes it goes like that..

  3. Beautiful, Brenda. For me writing is my passion and part of who I am. I never felt the need to define it because it’s just me. I was always thankful that I didn’t have to search for my passion. It’s always been with me clear as day. :)

    • You are a bless woman, Kelly. As I have said many times before and will probably say again, since finding my passion to write life has taken on different hues.

  4. June O'Hara

    Working and writing, writing and working. Sometimes synonymous, sometimes not. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, there’s always some part of me at work. It’s almost impossible to put writing fully aside. It seems like a mixed blessing sometimes, but I’m glad I have it. So many people feel like they’re missing something in life because they don’t have one driving passion. I have enough for several people, at least!

    Thank you for your beautiful poem. Your words are so smooth, and they capture so much. What a pleasure to read.

    • I couldn’t agree more, June. Even when I am not writing I am thinking about it. The mind is always wondering about the next line. As ever my sweet lotus, thank you for your support.

  5. Some have a style
    That they work hard to refine
    So they walk a crooked line
    But she won’t understand
    Why anyone would have to try
    To walk a line when they could fly.
    (Bangles, If She Knew What She Wants)

    For me, writing is like flying, it’s a part of me, and I feel no need to define it.

  6. Lynne Favreau

    What a beautiful chord you’ve struck for us. Your poem sings–it’s rhythm is lovely.

    I could not shut my mind down last night–I rebuilt a whole town before finally succumbing. Even in my sleep I wrote. A giant hand holding a gold-trimmed Waterman fountain pen flitted with balletic grace across textured crisp-white paper in a script I’m incapable of reproducing in real life. Sleeping and writing, eating and writing, driving and writing…

    • Lynne-I’ve been thinking of you and your town. I’ve gone to bed many a night only to lay there with my eyes closes and my mind chattering away. In the end, I give up and return to the thought or scene until being released. Good to know I am not alone.

  7. k~

    I love this part in particular!

    …”words unfold and dance
    In a frenzied state”

    I picture the words on the pages already written, reorganizing themselves. Dancing from one spot to another, and tapping each other on the shoulder to move, or change partners… it made me smile.

    I enjoyed the whole poem, but this particular line, will stay with me for a while.

  8. Jo

    Such a lovely and perfectly perfect poem. Those who do not write would have no clue, but a writer writes always. Love it, love it.

    • Jo-what you say about non-writers not understanding, so very true. I know my mom and sister think I am bent in some way because I am always writing. Many thanks for visiting and sharing.

  9. **The writer in me rocks
    In harmony to the
    Of manicured nails tap-tap-taping**

    Nobody can quite say it like you, Brenda.

    You have fire within your soul & sparks at the tips of your fingers.

    Love Love Love. Xx

  10. I heard your clickity clack, manicured nails and felt the expansion inside the soft leather bound pages. I write when I can because I am so rewarded when the words flow as you perfectly described. It is nourishment. I am on a slow path to writing to work. I just have to do it my way. So it is gonna take some time;). That’s ok.

    • Wild Child Woman, what ever speed at which you find and create is yours to define. I know the journey you refer, on your own is the only way. If it were cookie cutter it wouldn’t be as fun (wrong word, but torturous is too strong a word). Keep to your own yellow brick road.

  11. Anna

    Wow Brenda, this made my heart start pounding! How exciting it is to put our imaginations and feelings on paper! Loved it!

  12. Loved this piece, Brenda. :) When we are writing, we are working. I like the nature, the freedom, the liberation of our work. I think I started off my writing journey as a way or a purpose to define my passion. Lately, especially since last year, my passion is beginning to become my purpose. And I’m loving every moment of it.

    • Claudine-Woman, I can feel your excitement in your comment. I feel you blooming all the way from here… It is a liberation, a feeling beyond anything. Enjoy your rush.

    • Thanks, Laura. We all write for a multitude of reasons. Writing did the same for me as it did for you – it pulled me ashore and made sure I took my next breath.

  13. Dear Brenda, our passion is one and the same. How beautiful, how passionately written!
    Wishing you the happiest of New Year’s, and may every desire of your heart be fulfilled.

    • Debra, I wish the same my dear. Thank you kindly for hanging around this past year while I sorted out my blogging identity. Funny how it turned out to be on par with the writer in me.

  14. I am almost always writing. Sometimes, I put the words down on paper, but even when I don’t, they keep coming. They are a large part of who I am.

  15. You have really captured the sensations and feelings of a passionate writer… You have dug deep within your own self to find the words that best describe… the motions… As I am typing I can hear the clickety …clack!

  16. Brenda, I proclaimeth you the wizard of word. I literally raced though this piece the first time I read it zooming over the words, like I was running somewhere, I was frustrated. Then I re-read it a couple of days later, and the remarkable ensuring commentary, and realized that this poem to me is like that ever-elusive runner’s high. I wasn’t born a writer and I’ve experienced this writer’s high fewer times than I’ve experienced the struggle with words that are forever dangling on the tip of my tongue/pen/fingertips. Thank you for this – it came at a good time.

    • Astra – I didn’t start off writing the poem to read in a rush, but that’s where it went. I confess it gives me chills to read it, knowing that somewhere inside of me I pulled it off (I’m sure it could go through several more edits, but a poet I am not so it will remain).. I thank you kindly for your words, they too come at a good time. The nasty dark side of writer is ever sitting on my shoulder nipping at my prose.

  17. Girl, I clicked on your blog to leave a comment saying, “Where you at?” and was redirected here! I didn’t even know your blog had a new home! I haven’t heard from you in ages!

    • Mistress Bella, I have wonder the same. I assumed you were swirling and twirling as you do. Knowing what a busy life you lead I thought I’d leave you be. I rebranded a few weeks back in honor of my one year blog-a-versary. I’ve missed you.

  18. hi brenda… thanks for commenting on my blog post…. i hope you will follow along…

    i wanted to follow you, but don’t see where i click a follow button…. ?

  19. I loved this poem because I can so relate to it. You’ve captured what so many of us feel!
    My favorite line is, “Working brings joy, only If words unfold and dance
    In a frenzied state
    Filling page after page”
    So eloquent, so uplifting, too.

    • Monica, I’m sure you understand this state of frenzy. Being new to your words and site, I’ve learned you are over tasked as well, but you thrive in that state of manic. Seems like for some it’s the most productive place to be. As always, thanks kindly for finding me here and sharing.

  20. I love the style this was written in…You expressed the passion of writing so well! A true writer… :o) Very inspiring to read!
    Visiting you from GBE 2 ~ new member :o)

  21. Wow, Brenda, just wow… That is pretty much the perfect definition of how I feel about writing. Loved it. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to share this on my FB page too. It’ll help explain to all those people who don’t really ‘get’ writers :o)

    • Gill.. I know what you mean about ‘others’ not understanding. My family looks at me like I have three heads and all are insane. Honored and thrilled you shared. Will be by and visit with you soon.

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