Kiss Me

Kiss You

Kiss You

You and me, a we, but minus you, is me less than whole, alone, always solitary, wandering the recesses of clustered memories we made in rooms not ours, on beds rented for an occasion in stolen moments between dawn and dusk, between the other lives we belonged to in different towns with partners who knew not at all of the passion we found over Tequila by the sea under a crimson sunset on a solitary mid-week late afternoon. You sitting stately on one side of the scarred table made of pocked plank, me quivering on other side of a destiny I’d not expected in your arms-then, ever. In this life, there have been none to leave me undone. I sang in Memphis, pondered in Paris, wallowed in Moscow, covered border towns from Santa Fe to LA, hoping for someone like you to find me in the shadow of dusk’s afterglow. In you, I felt something I had not known. It frothed my blood. I said, I want to kiss you the tequila ignites my passions and engulfs me in flames in this tall chair where I sit across from you. The kiss-now, please, don’t keep it to yourself.  There was a want never felt before. The air, solid, time stuttered between beats, the pounding beneath my cotton blend shirt, thud-thud-thud against my breastbone, my blood burned beneath the surface of the dermis. Now that kiss, kiss me-NOW. You said, Now? Kiss you in this room with watchful eyes-we must hide away where no one can see your passion burning me as if I were parched oak. My longing to be close, to feel your skin melting into mine, to weld a bond, come on, come one, be mine-now, please do not waver. Maria, your passions flow over me. I should run now, leave you here before we surrender, there is no room in my heart, for there is another………..Let us hide away and I will kiss and more. You and me, a we, but minus you, is me less than whole, alone, always solitary, wondering, will there be more? After you kissed and gave, there was hunger in my soul stronger than my will, my need to breathe, was my desire to surrender under your touch, your kiss burned long after you were gone, too long with no word of why. I cried, come back to the moment we shared, to my arms, my lips, my body waits for your weight on this rented bed, a longing not known until you, the one I traveled years to find. You wrote, My Maria, I was clear, between us there are no expectations, only a passion, a longing that burns each of us on touch. You are not mine and I am not yours, but in the moment when we tumble on our rented bed, our fiery passion binds me to you. We’d meet again and again in our secret place away from prying eyes where we’d ignite and breathe new life into our tired souls. You’d say at the close, My Maria, don’t ask me for words of love or time beyond the moment, between us there is only the now and never a promise of more. You and me, a we, but minus you, is me less than whole, alone, always solitary, wandering the recesses of clustered memories I cannot bury.


For the romantic in me there is always the kiss, the one that stood me still, froze me in a moment, and the place I return to when the desire to write slushy poetry over takes me after a healthy pour of Merlot.  Got a kiss like that in your clustered memories?

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38 thoughts on “Kiss Me

    • Kelly, it was a wow kind of write and I loved writing it too. It flowed through me with ease. I started it on the train to work, then later in the day I had an afternoon of meetings and wrote between and during (ssssh) and again on the way home and finally around midnight I finished. In all that time, I wrote, back spaced, deleted, but never lost interest.

  1. Lynne Favreau

    And I didn’t think it could get any hotter in here Brenda!

    The tumbling effect of your words nearly left me breathless.

    • Lynn, thanks kind for your words and for stopping by. It’s always a good thing when it’s the husband and not a lost lover. In this case, Maria is lost in her love of a lover. A hard one, but, the passion, oh it sparks memories is all of us.

    • Andrea – I am trying to decide if I should keep working on this one as a story poem and submit, but it’s not conventional at all.. but it is eye catching. Thanks kindly for your warm words.

  2. Breathtaking, passionate, and written as only you do Brenda! You are the Queen of scarlet moments and intimate memories. My special memories come out through my poetry, I wrote something last night as someone very special to me was foremost in my mind.
    Elizabeth Young recently posted….Surprisingly, something newMy Profile

    • Elizabeth, it does seem to be something I enjoy writing about as I continue to explore the passions.. I confess to enjoying writing from this side of my heart, where we store pleasures, hurts, passions, and possibility.

  3. Gorgeous portrayal of that elusive thing “passion”. That feeling of being weak with desire. Damn! I used to experience it more than I do now. I’ve risked it all for passion and I’ve won and lost in doing so. But I’ll never regret feeling it. I would have to say I regret not feeling it.
    Linda Medrano recently posted….Like There Was No Tomorrow! Thre Rapture!My Profile

    • Linda, I do love exploring those unexplained passions of connection. I’ve coined myself a romantic, but I sometimes wonder if there is more to it than that.. the mystery is what intrigues me. When I am writing poetry I understand why artists, musicians, poets, writers, etc., continue to dream about love in their chosen creative field. All I know is the feelings inspire me from time to time.

    • Oh Martha, it was a roller coaster of a write. I let myself into the narrator’s heart, drew on my own life’s experiences and then I was off. Thanks kindly for your words, they always help my strange and confusing writer’s psyche.

    • Adriana, well then my job is done. :-) The words came a calling and all I had to do was find a suitable memory and emotion to draw upon to finish out the story poem. It needs some work, but I thought it was OK for a first draft. Thanks kindly for stopping by.

  4. Love the way you were so caught up in that moment of passion that everything else blurred and faded from sight but the beloved. It’s getting hot in here!
    Debra recently posted….La La Land?My Profile

  5. k~

    A kiss that melted our lips to the soul buried beneath it. Slow, steady passion that tasted of warmed sun at the end of the day. 2 hours in the back of a pick-up truck beneath the stars, felt like moments. Yes, there are kisses I will never forget.
    k~ recently posted….Shopping Sasha (Write on Edge)My Profile

    • K- if there was a ever a moment this was one of those.. You had me a 2 hours in the back of the truck. I feel a story is there or a poem and knowing how prolific you are it’s probably been written already. Share?

    • Dariel, writing about those mysteries is a passion of mine and one I continue to explore in my writing. I don’t know why, I just do. I am glad to take you back in time.

  6. Hello.
    There’s no better feeling of pleasure than surrendering to those kisses that leaves you breathless and wanting more…mmmmmmm…my head is spinning just thinking about my wife’s kisses…dare I say more! (smile)
    Beautiful write. Thanks for sharing.
    Andy recently posted….EMOTIONS OF POETRYMy Profile

    • Andy, thanks much for stopping by, and yes, there is nothing quite like the kiss that takes the breath out of your lungs and lingers long after.

  7. Give me a kiss to build a dream on, and that pretty much sums up your story–a dream! And yes, Brenda, I have memories of fabulous kisses, the best part being the moment before that very first kiss, when you realize it’s about to happen. Ah, sweetness!
    Monica recently posted….And I Quote, Part 3My Profile

    • Monica, it was an attempt at a story. I’ve seen a few and thought I’d try my hand at one. The first two lines came to me on the journey to work last week so I felt obligated to see it through. It was a thrilling process to be honest. Your words about my poetry are ever in the back of my mind.. I owe you fairy dust for this…

        • Monica – I’ve been meaning to write you and thank you for the wonderful suggestion (and probable will when it’s not to late and my brain is awake). It was a great idea and actually gave me the badge of courage to wear my inner poet proudly. I am what I am, as is my style of poetry.

  8. I will echo the praise in the other comments. I love to read blogs that are very different from mine! It’s exciting and fascinating to see all the different things we can do with words!

    Thanks for commenting recently on my blog. Sorry there was a delay in posting your comment–I use comment moderation, so I see the comments before they are published. I hope you will use the guided tour idea, as you said, and send me the link to your post!
    Galen Pearl recently posted….I Give You My Shoes!My Profile

    • Galen – each of us brings our own perspective to the blank page. How we rearrange the words is always a mystery. I rejoice in our differences. I know my voice isn’t for all, but for those who do not like my style there are so many others I never worry. I thought it was a good idea ( your post) and promise to link back when I tackle that subject.

  9. OOOOHhhh Lalala!!!! Makes me feel all hot and bothered! I love a first kiss, so expectant and exciting. I cannot think of any hot first kisses tonight, but this gave me food for thought!

    • I know I am repeating myself here, but it was a sultry sort of write that took me away on it’s wings. Such a silly thought that turned into passion on the page. Thanks much, Jodi for sharing and coming back here again and again.

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