Be Still Little One

Writer's Joy: Strength

Like others before me traveling the road to publication there are moments of doubt, worry, and uncertainty. I am no different. My job is to protect my writer’s heart and soul with words. What tools do I have strong enough but my words? Like the baker who kneads the dough, gently punching the raised bread and kneading her worries away, this is the writer when she writes away the darker feelings lurking in the shadows of her mind seeping in under the door and cracks of her soul.


Be still little one
Stand tall
In the shadows
Of uncertainty

Can consume
Shining brightly

There is
You govern

Fear not
The dark

Beyond the clutter

A key to
Unearth sureness
To disarm

To wield
Of disappointment

In fate
Gifts of Consciousness
Light the way

Forward and
There are dreams
In shadows of uncertainty


What do you do when you are tackling uncertainty?



I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

34 thoughts on “Be Still Little One

  1. Cry. Sometimes. Usually I write or read. But I really feel there at times when a good cry is called for. Sometime you have to get it out before moving on.

    Brenda, did you see my comment on your previous post about the award I gave you today?

    • Kelly, I don’t cry, I plan and consider my options. Crying comes on me like a rain storm. It’s always good after because then the sunshines and I figure I have enough fight left in me to pick up my dreams and keep on moving.

    • Kim!! I think I might, no, I know I will. I am in New York this week and weekend. Just being away on a mini-break should equate to fun I think.

  2. Gorgeous poetry Brenda! I think we are all filled with self doubt sometimes,but there is also a glimmer of hope that cuts through and enables us to rise above the uncertainty. Fight the good fight and keep the hope!

    • Linda, I am sitting here in a lovely New York bar, sipping wine, and in my head I am bowing to you, thanking you for you kind comments. I know no other option but to keep fighting. Taking up a passion isn’t always easy and I am not ready to give in. I’ve just begun.

  3. Love that poem!! Be still. So simple. So precise. When I am uncertain, I pray. And talk to my friends!! A good girlfriend is invaluable in the face of uncertainty. And I talk to my mom who always reminds me that I a loved no matter what:)

    • K-loved your interview on the Inner Chick, fabulous. I do think sitting quietly in the manic of the brain is always the best way to get through to the other side of whatever is causing flus-tration. Close friends are always good to open up and share the darker thoughts with.. after all, they know us.

  4. Lynne Favreau

    Lovely as always.
    I sing in the face of despair.
    I can always count on music to pull me out of the doldrums.
    Everybody rumba!!!

    • Lynne, I remember you saying you sang. What I really wanted to ask and maybe I will next time, is how do you inspire yourself out of the doubt. Maybe they are the same things. Hmm. Glad you stop by and enjoyed.

      • Lynne Favreau

        When I have those “what the heck am I doing” moments when I think I’m a terrible writer and everyone else is very clever and I’ll never publish anything—I have to physically change where I am to reset my negative cast.

        Singing makes me happy, (you know, so long as I stay away from the dirges) so I’ll turn up the volume and sing at the top of lungs. Or go ride the bike, or go for a walk, anything that will recharge me physically.

        This is usually enough to bring me around to feeling more positive, clear headed, and hopeful.

        • Lynne – hate the ‘i am a terrible writer’ moments. I’d like to pack up that old doubt, wrap it in chains, and toss it of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  5. Love the idea of nurturing that creative spirit as if it’s a child, taking tender care of it. Rocking it and loving it. Brenda, you use the same words we all do, but you arrange them in such beautiful ways.

    • Bev – our creative spirits really are child like, sweet and vulnerable, prone to be dramatic, sassy, whining, lost and lonely, sad and joyful, tearful and silly. My writer’s heart thanks you much for you kind words.

  6. Christopher Mitchell (Another Government Employee)

    I am a list maker. Although the entries are not in neat rows, I find if I get the ideas down on paper, I can work with them.

    • Chris – I don’t write lists but I do write in list fashion sometimes. This little poem started out that way.. Thanks much for stopping by, much appreciated.

  7. Beautiful. There are lots of things I do. I may listen to a song like the one you have on here (which I love by the way) which expresses what I’m feeling, or talk to my best friends (I am blessed to have two) about my insecurities. If I’m upset it’s definitely tea, if I’m overwhelmingly upset it’s chocolate! Being creative craft wise also gets my mind off things. Excellent thoughts above.

    • E- Chocolate is known to cure most things, at the very least it soothes and tastes yummy. As noted to Monica, the uncertainty is part of the process. Usually for me once I have written something down or published on the blog the worst of what was bugging me is long gone. Writing is a cure for a good many things.

  8. k~

    Beautiful words are found here often.

    I get busy, in some manner that makes me feel better: Photos, graphics, writing, sewing, cooking, laughing with a friend, anything that takes my mind away from the darkness and into the light. :-)

  9. I’ve been working for months on a memoir proposal. It’s grueling and I’m constantly questioning myself, whether I can do this. Whether I have what it takes, or the time. Yet, I keep persevering, writing away. Still don’t know the answer though. Not sure the questioning will ever stop.

    • Monica – don’t stop. I know about this feeling. The questioning, the wondering, the why am I do this… It’s part of the process. I will nudge you if you come back around nudge me.

  10. I try to keep myself busy with mindless activity – clearing clutter, cleaning the home…cooking up a storm…….
    I love your words – the key to self-doubt is certainly within us!
    Brenda – I can see you on your way to success real soon – I’m hoping you’re seeing it too ♥

    • Corinne – you continue to bring me smiles and lift my heart with your sharing. I do wish you all the best in the A-Z blogging month. As for me and my journey and your words.. I do believe in my story and will continue working this crazy dream of mine.

  11. Ron

    Beautifully written! I write because I can and have something to say. I have not shared the worries of publishing you experience, but your words apply to life in general and to that I relate. It seems at times easy for some to call it a journey and to live in the moment…but they don’t live in our moments…or our mind. “That which does not kill us will make us stronger”…yah, easy for them to say ;). Bless you on your journey and I hope it brings you every joy possible…and getting published ;).

    Be well,

    • Thanks much, Ron. It’s a journey that much is certain. It’s a strange one too. I am not in control nor can I control. I am living it one day at a time. How similar to life it is.

  12. “Within There is Magic You govern”
    Love this line, Brenda! Most certainly the promise that come what may, you shall triumph. Indeed, the waiting period is fertile ground for uncertainty and insecurity, but never you fret. You’ll be just fine, lady. When tackling uncertainty, I pray. I find prayer infuses me with a state of calm that nothing else can. Great poem, Ms. Brenda! :)

    • Bella, I am so behind on my own commenting (too much traveling lately. I do enjoy writing from those emotions, as you say, its rich soil for a the writer. I don’t pray much. I think and talk inside of my head. Not sure that is praying.

  13. I fumble my way through most of the time. Your poem was fantastic. I know it’s best to embrace and accept adversity and just let it wash over me until it leaves on its own. This has always worked for me in the past, but letting it is a very difficult thing to do.
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