Resolutions, Affirmations, Diet, Write, Devil-May-Care in 2017?

A suitable list of alternative resolutions written for a body in motion, a body flawed, and a body cracked in places.

I am not one to write down resolutions annually because life is fluid.  What feels right in a moment will hurt in the next breath.  The listing of ideals is futile so why set myself up for failure? The only list worth writing is one written upon the body as it rises each day, but I made an effort.


  1. I vow to go on a diet. It’s time to shed pounds of baggage and doubt.
  2. Every day I will in the look in the mirror—emotionally naked—and rejoice in all I see, even those Herman Munster feet of mine I’ll need to stand on when I am in front my mirror with only my birthday suit.
  3. I will exercise my heart, gifting the love that flows freely within and without consideration or concern it may never come back in equal measures.
  4. I won’t count the number of pounds I gain and lose over the year. Instead, I will keep a tally of the number of words I write then rewrite.
  5. There will be at least one adventure a month and a breathless moment of bravado each week as I confront an unknown fear with reckless abandonment.
  6. I will continue to write every day.
  7. I will walk with my eyes upward, my stride even, my mind clear of lists and to-dos. I will smile, wink, and even flutter the lashes, for no reason other than to exchange smiles.
  8. I will make peace with a memory and bury the heartache that sometimes rears its ugly face at 3:00 AM.
  9. I won’t hesitate at hello and reconsider goodbye.
  10. I promise to begin more than to end and to continue moving through life with the hope of discovery regardless of the outcome even if the end is a foregone conclusion.
  11. I will whisper to the wind and wait to hear her response even it takes the length of a moment.
  12. I promise not to admonish myself for not reaching the bottom of a list or reading a book from the first to the last page.
  13. I will not guilt myself to undertaking a task just because it’s popular or deemed necessary.
  14. I will reward myself for investing in passions that slide like silk over my naked soul.
  15. The writer in me will believe the words I write without the doubt that plagues all creatives.
  16. The woman in me will embrace the words I write—even the ones written with stark honesty— humility and courage.
  17. I may doubt magic, but I won’t forsake hope.
  18. I promise to remain true to myself, and the words that come from the right side of my heart, even if it sometimes stretches me beyond my comfort zone.


Are you willing to commit to yourself in 2017?


I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

14 thoughts on “Resolutions, Affirmations, Diet, Write, Devil-May-Care in 2017?

  1. Beware. It is my experience that women who walk around smiling, winking, and fluttering their lashes, even for no reason other than to exchange smiles, often find themselves unexpectedly falling in love with tall, dark strangers in cowboy hats or business suits who’ve fallen in love with them.

    Ain’t nobody needs that, ma’am.

    • I’m sure for those prone to falling fast and hard it might seem a woman with fluttering lashes is Trouble with a capital T, but I’d say the same holds true for a man who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Urban Cowboy. Thanks, Mike for visiting.

  2. A beautiful post! I love item #3. It seems to me accomplishing that would be enough all on its own. I’d also like to note to Mike WJ: that is certainly nothing to beware!!!

  3. A really wonderful list, Brenda. I start thinking about fresh starts a little before the year ends since those transition weeks feel like a time warp. And while I don’t necessarily make lists, I do my best to give some thought to what I might do a little differently — all in the interest of what I think of as conscious evolution (i.e., breaking patterns that lead to plateaus and ‘stuckness’). God knows I try 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed, Deborah. I’m not one to invest too much time on a list but found myself pondering 2017 as Christmas loomed. My only true resolution is to give more of myself to marketing and socializing with other writers in general. It’s time to shed my shyness.

  4. I love this list! Particularly #5, an adventure every month, even if it’s just a little thing like discovering a new coffee shop. Continuing to explore & learn is what life is for.

    • I’m so glad, Luanne. It’s good to have an adventure. I know what you mean about finding a new coffee shop. Heaven. Thanks for stopping by.

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