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It’s not always what you say or don’t say, sometimes it’s how you say it that resonates and creates that lasting impression. 


Author Bios

Who am I, after all?


I’m the sunset over the Pacific on a hot, humid day in July.
I am Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.
On a cluttered page I am
The unrequired love in a
Thick page turner staring a fiery, buxom
Latina with a heart of gold and bad judgment.
I am a misspelled word,
A dangling participle,
The misplaced comma
And the excessively abused adverb.
I’m the mandatory ten percent word cut
Mr. King insists is essential in
All writing projects:  fiction, essay, memoirs,
And the troublesome,  Dear Lover,  let me go, letter.
I am the curvy woman who had you hello,
Tortured and breathless, lost and miserable,
When the screen door banging the door jam echoed in the dark.
I am Scarlet Ohara’s passion, anger, and beautifully flawed self,
The lover you didn’t quite understand,
The one you will never forget
And the only who knew what made you tick.
I am conflict, the panster,
And now, a reformed plotter,
Collector of dictionaries, and books,
Mp3s, lyrics and verse.
I am purveyor of quirky vignettes,
Stories, and nonsensical poetry,
A mom, a wife, a lover of life without
Regard for rules and protocol.
I am a devotee of  four-letter expletives,
A die-hard worshiper of romance
And sappily, almost ever after,
Happy believer of come-hither
First glances, and instantaneous love leading to
I am a collector of snapshots,
Smiles, conversations not mine,
Journals and over-priced pens filled with
Blue-ink cartridges, which glide gracefully across
The blank page; the annoying women with long, perfectly
Lacquered nails clickity-clacking
Over the compact keyboard  sitting next you
At the Java Hut, filling
Virtual pages with a memoir
About the eight-hundred-million dollar scandal;
And the author of
Books and short-shorts,
And a passionate lover of words.
I am a dreamer, a disciple of
The impossible and ardent
Suitor of reckless abandonment
And questioner of decisions, and risk junkie.
I am a builder of dystopian
Dreams, magical realties,and
Impractical endings.
I am a writer, the one
Whose words will haunt you

What does your bio say about you?



I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

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  1. I recently rewrote my bio, and I’m happy with it. I think it shows the different sides of my personality. It’s so hard to cram your personality into a paragraph though. I should have opted for a poem, because yours is awesome.
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