What I Didn’t Do Over My Fall Vacation

What I didn’t do..

  • dreamstime_xs_27874352I didn’t visit Macho Picchu
  • I didn’t cruise the Nile
  • I didn’t play blackjack at Caesar’s Palace
  • I didn’t worry about time, dates, or to-do lists
  • I didn’t visit a spa, nor did I lose my extra bum
  • I didn’t learn to play the flute or carry a note
  • I didn’t write a Blog post…nor did I read many, hardly any, maybe three
  • I didn’t have plastic surgery or even my bunion removed (but only because I am a coward and didn’t want to wear a boot for six weeks)
  • I didn’t Tweet
  • I didn’t lose sight of my goals
  • I didn’t post a single Facebook status and rarely logged in to see what mischief others were up to
  • I didn’t attend the RWA conference or any writing conference for that matter
  • I didn’t place in the contest I entered the first fifty pages of my first novel in, but I did  receive some great feedback
  • I didn’t even have lunch at the Top of the Mark in San Francisco
  • I didn’t bother with social media, and felt no guilt, none at all
  • I didn’t give up

So what did I do the month of Octoberdreamstime_xs_22006627

  • I made Steak Au Poivre
  • I went on a busman’a holiday
  • I set a goal to walk 15 miles a week (worst week: 6 miles, best 18)
  • I wrote Jukebox Tarot, a short mystical story of romance, a mere 7,200 words
  • I gained six pounds and lost seven
  • I read a dozen short stories
  • I had one acceptance letter and a few rejections
  • I received the first round of edits from the Editor for my first novella sale
  • I made Mexican Wedding Cakes—twice
  • I wrote The Tattered Pages of an Unfinished Story–almost 5,000 words–a story of courage and the sort of love that causes heartache
  • I binged watched a Haven, silly show on Netflix, for a mindless release
  • I made Spaghetti Bolognese from scratch, including the pasta noodles
  • I thought a lot about writing
  • I decided to make some changes to my first novel (based on feedback from judges)
  • I wrote a lot of words
  • I wrote a story about a girl called Shelby GT–a girl who rides her bike through the streets of Berkeley while holding a parasol– and her sister Priscilla, whose mind was lost under the weight of a broken heart
  • I made it through the first round of edits on a WIP – and placed 2nd for  novel in progress based on the first ten pages

I enjoyed the ‘me’ time, to be honest.  The nagging feeling I was virtually absent loitered at the backdoor of my conscience, stalking me as I came and went, but like a famous Hollywood starlet dressed in mink and Chanel sunglasses, I ignored it.

What have you done for yourself lately?

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25 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Do Over My Fall Vacation

  1. As you know, Brenda, I have taken a blogging break recently. I took your suggestion of the 500 words a day (my next novel) seriously, but between babysitting for grandchild and life in general, have yet to realize that kind of day. :( It will happen, though!
    Glad you relaxed and just enjoyed yourself. Also, congrats on the positive writing feedback! Keep it up!
    Martha Orlando recently posted….Give Me a Break!My Profile

  2. Wow! Congratulations on unplugging for a month and and living a life that is truly inspiring, Brenda. I’m thrilled for you on all the writing accolades. Richly deserved. :)

  3. You did what you needed to do. And did it beautifully, fluidly, lyrically (as always).

    Would that I could get that many word written in vaca. Applauding your 2nd place finish and even your non-place notes. Because it’s a journey, and you’re not hiding your house, afraid to take a single step.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted….Slut of the Month: Rita MorenoMy Profile

  4. This sounds like a pretty darn incredible ‘me’ vacation Brenda. Wonderful and sometimes we do just need to take some time out from the proverbial rat race and just do the things we love doing more than anything.

    When you take time out, you find your way back to yourself, and that is so important.

    PS So glad somebody else binge-watches TV shows. We have a cooking show in the UK called Masterchef and I will watch 3 straight hours of it in one sitting – and bloody love it:)
    Melissa recently posted….Throwback Thursday: DestructionMy Profile

  5. Congratulations, Brenda!
    Sometimes, we need that mental break from what seems to be, the endless demands of social media. I did that with my children’s work over the summertime, but I was happy that I slammed in 15 presentations before my break=) We all need that “me” time or else we will all go absolutely insane! Especially with all of this tweeting, posting, blogging, and pretty much everything else that social media asks of our time.
    gina recently posted….Hello Liver, Nice to Finally Meet YouMy Profile

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  7. Agree with Patricia, both lists are impressive, the things you manage to do and the things you imagined not doing, knowing that if you’d wanted to they’d be on that other list as well!

    Congratulations on the 2nd placing and the feedback on the novella, bonne continuation with the impetus it has no doubt given you.
    Claire ‘Word by Word’ recently posted….Aimless Love by Billy CollinsMy Profile

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