Fifteen Things to Do & Remember on the Last Monday Before the Holiday Madness Begins

Manic Monday on 15 things to consider on the last Monday before the holiday rush



  1. Take a selfie of your perfectly toned bum because it will be the last you see of it until you recommit to the gym come January.
  2.  Double-check you have a bottle of aspirin—maybe a hipflask filled with your preferred libation in your bag—you’ll need it after the tenth trip around the parking lot.
  3.  WooŸsah! Inhale in, exhale out. Repeat until the wave of stress passes.
  4.  Take a mental picture of your peace of mind today and refer to it whenever you feel your patience waning.
  5.  Remember kindness is unlimited. Give it away freely, especially to the taxed sales associates who had to go to work at 6PM on Thanksgiving evening.
  6.  Don’t fret the big or the small stuff, and don’t freak out when you forget to take the giblets out of the turkey. No freaking. Period.
  7.  Refer to number 3 and 4 repeatedly.
  8.  Every time you feel the pressure of the holidays building open a journal or new word document, and write a paragraph or three, about Christmas past. Go back as far as you remember or start with last year. What made it special? What made your crazy? Why? Maybe you have a favorite food memory, what is it? Why does it stand out? Write in your holiday journal even if you’re not stressed. Make a point to notice your point of view shift. Embrace it.
  9.  REMEMBER: Thanksgiving is when we give thanks. Christmas is when we give from our hearts. Easie Peasie. Right?
  10.  Take a moment to appreciate yourself for all that you do even if your loved ones forget to tell you how grateful they are for you and all that you do for them. They care, really truly they do.
  11.  What does Christmas mean to you? Write it down, share it on Facebook, and tag someone to do the same, and on and on. The ultimate Christmas chain.
  12.  Focus on the meaning of the holidays and ditch the commercialism behind the fabricated themes. Don’t buy into ‘em.
  13.  Spend an afternoon or evening, maybe both, watching holiday movies on the Hallmark and/or Lifetime channels.
  14.  To keep angry at bay while you’re standing in the long lines, distract yourself with the book or an e-reader that you have with you at all times. And to keep hangry at bay, always carry chocolate.
  15.  If you eat one too many pieces of Sees Chocolates or Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars, Keep Calm and Woosah.

And remember to enjoy the hustle and bustle, and watch It’s a Wonderful Life and at least one of the two dozen versions of Dickens’ Christmas Carole. Take a drive around your neighborhood with a thermos filled with rich dark hot chocolate and enjoy the houses adorned with thousands of twinkling lights

 What’s your favorite holiday activity?


I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

23 thoughts on “Fifteen Things to Do & Remember on the Last Monday Before the Holiday Madness Begins

  1. Woosah! haha This year I’m going to my sister’s so I’m putting the stress of the dinner all on her. 😉 excited though because it’s also my youngest nephew’s birthday. I’m looking forward to playing with him.

    And I do love watching this Hallmark Christmas movies. :)
    Chrys Fey recently posted….Author Interview with Vicki BatmanMy Profile

  2. I stopped reading when I finished #1 because I don’t have a bum like that, never did and never will. Which also means that taking your advice to stop and appreciate myself in #10 is going to be difficult.
    MikeWJ recently posted….Freedom Isn’t FreeMy Profile

  3. Sandra Dailey

    This Christmas will be the best. No plans made. I don’t know when we may be called to meet our new grandson when he’s born. Even though he’ll be number eleven, they’re all precious.

    • Kelly – Me, too! I like sitting in the living room after the tree is up and sipping tea or wine, depending on the time of the day, admiring the tree.

  4. Brenda, as always, you had me chuckling at these all true tips for holiday survival. I’d have to say watching It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas Carol have been highlights in holidays past. I’m content now to listen to Christmas music and sip on a cab. :) Hope your Thanksgiving and your Christmas are blessed times for you and yours. If not? Woosah!
    Martha Orlando recently posted….Cloud 8My Profile

  5. I love this, Brenda. Especially taking a mental picture of our current peace of minds as well as a selfie of our bums before the calories cave in on our curves. I try not to think about the materials and money needed to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas. And when I feel a boiling point coming, I do exactly what you suggested… throw on Lifetime or one of my Christmas classics and just be one with the spirit of the holiday.

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