When You Wish Upon A Star

Sometimes I Wish….

  • I didn’t have to recite the alphabet song in my head to remember where the letter Q belongs
  • One-size-fits-all, truly fit all sizes
  • I didn’t have to un-ask the questions for which there is no answer (for instance, why not me or why me?)
  • Lanky, with come-hither grey eyes was real and not a character(s) in the novels I write
  • I knew how to spell
  • I could drink vodka with Marlene Dietrich in the Late Night Grande Hotel
  • I could say what I feel in the moment I am in and not find the words after the fact when it’s too late
  • I knew the answers and not have to bother with the questions
  • I had said good-bye to my father
  • My grandmother shared her stories instead of hiding them away
  • I had found my voice earlier
  • I said I love you later
  • I knew what to do about dangling participles
  • We could coexist
  • The politicians could coexist
  • Love was not always fleeting
  • But if love must sometimes be fleeting, then the residual ache after it flies was not so brutal
  • I could have met my great-grandmother, Hinueva, and asked her if all those stories I heard from my mom and her sisters were true
  • The answers to questions I hear are the answers I want to hear
  • That today’s poetry was accessible and not stark and starved for words, had padding, and some sexy Latina curves
  • Passionate pursuits were heartbreak free
  • Auto-correct on my IPhone could read my mind and correct correctly
  • There were no reality television shows
  • People would re-discover reading with a vengeance and buy more novels
  • I could be one of the Avengers or better still, a dame in a Raymond Chandler novel.  Hell, I wish I could write as well as he did.
  • The new black was always black and fashion designers would stop insisting on redefining classics.  What would Coco think?
  • I didn’t have to write a blog post when I am knee deep in a story or when I am riding a creative wave
  • I could automagically wish my way to the end of the redraft of my new WIP
  • There was at least one Some Enchanted Evening for the skeptics and non-believers of love at first site
  • Double-cream brie cheese was considered diet food
  • Wax poetically was not a cliché
  • I could spare my children heartaches and lessons learned the hard way
  • Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee wrote more than one book (always on my list of wishes)
  • Living with reckless abandonment was a required at least once after 18, three times after 21, and a way of life after 40.
  • I had seen Elvis on stage
  • There was more good and less bad,  more positive and less negative, more love and less hate, more peace and no war
  • Self-acceptance and loving the skin you are in, was first nature and not something a person had to learn or buy a self-help book to discover
  • I could bake a soufflé
  • I could see Aurora Borealis one more time
  • Dwight Yoakam would sing one of the songs written by a character in my first book
  • I was sitting at Swithins, a bar in London,drinking French Chablis with my bestest pal, Stoooooh, or at that Café in Barcelona – remember?
  • I sometimes wish I hadn’t lost so many friends over the years– and that all the people I met were for all seasons sort of friends, and not just spring flings
  • For each of us to realize our dreams
  • To live passionately, always


I am participating in a game of global Blog tag. I know those of us who connect via social media take it for granted, myself included.   When I think about all those writers before us who relied on postage stamps, Par Avion blue paper, telegrams, and wrote in their journals for connection, I cannot help but wonder how lucky we are to have found friends we might never have met if not for blogging and yes, Facebook, the evil darkness mistress of distraction and time loss.

And now, without further ado, please hop over and read the words from InJensMind.  She has a warm heart and a story to delight.

Be brave it’s only a wish you are sharing.

The warmest of thanks to Vinita for such a thoughtful introduction.  Take it away, Jen.

What do you sometimes wish?


I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

72 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon A Star

  1. Great list! Dangling Participles-I know, right, what the hell do you do with those? You can add past perfect progressive and continuous too.
    I wish…my father hadn’t said “What are you stupid?” after every mistake I made, no matter how minor and that it hadn’t taken me so long to figure out that I wasn’t.
    I learned to speak Spanish when I was younger.
    More people read, bought books, and visited the library.
    People would stop saying they hate poetry.
    That what we know to be true or right was what we acted on, rather than being afraid to change or take a stand.
    Educating children was about meeting each child’s need.
    Wow, Brenda we could keep going with this one.
    Lynne Favreau recently posted….Recommended: Daring Greatly by Brené BrownMy Profile

    • Lynne – I know, it’s that sort of introspective, have fun with sort of thing. I didn’t want to write it because I am working on a story, but once I got going I had fun.

  2. These are my favorites Brenda:
    The politicians could coexist (and pass a damn budget already).
    There were no reality television shows (thank you).
    I didn’t have to write a blog post when I am knee deep in a story or when I am riding a creative wave. (Can I add you to a FB group, Writers Unite, all of whom are focusing on WIP over blogging, for now, and checking in to hold each other accountable – in a gentle way?)
    I could spare my children heartaches and lessons learned the hard way – (ditto).
    To live passionately, always (amen).
    Debra recently posted….OstracizedMy Profile

    • Debra – Yes, please do. I love meeting other writers. I’ve limited my posting to once a week because of the WIP and other goals. I am, deep sigh, trying once again to be part of a writing group. My first meeting is next week. Not sure yet if I will connect, oh well. We’ll see.

  3. Ha Ha . . . Just couldn’t help smiling at the elaborate list. What a compilation! Tell me how much time did you spend thinking of this one?

    This list is a lovely blend of smiles, joy, sorrow, desire and wants. The cup of life in short. The list oozes passion!


    Joy always,
    Susan Deborah recently posted….33My Profile

  4. I wish….
    Hot 30-something men found overweight older women irresistible.
    Ideas came more frequently when I was seated in front of a monitor and not when I was about to head into a staff meeting at my day job.
    Said day job could meet my financial needs if I was only working 5-6 hours a day, so I had more time to write.
    All politicians had a big bucket of Nickelodeon-like green slime suspended over their heads, and whenever they lied, bent the truth, or omitted facts, they’d get slimed.
    My cat did not puke just to get my attention.
    My mother did not die from breast cancer years ago but was living in her won apartment right down the street from me. With a hot young(er) boyfriend.
    Committing physical or emotional violence against other human beings would immediately cause the perps to break out in a red, scaly, horrifically itchy rash, so eventually everyone would learn it ain’t worth it.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted….Who Would Jesus Abuse? #domesticviolenceMy Profile

    • Bev – I like you additions, like mine, the touch on all sides of the heart. Damn those 30 something, and your cat, what can I say. If it makes you feel any better, mine chews electric cords (like my phone chargers) when I don’t pay attention to him. Costly. I’ve considered putting him in the mircowave, but he’s too fat.

  5. Know what, my friend? I love you…and I’m glad you said ‘I love you’ sooner. You had hope, faith, belief in the beauty and magic of life. And that, my friend, is a truly wonderful thing.

    • Brynne – I’ve missed you terribly. Did you ever make it out to the West Coast? How’s the WIP coming along. We should have a phone chat one day. Hugs, my sweet.

    • Edith – When I started the list I didn’t want it too heavy, but I didn’t want it to be all nonsense either, so I mixed it up. Sometimes life is like that, the good and the not so good. Thanks kindly for visiting. Hope you are doing well.

    • Kelly – it’s always the same, we want for a little more, just a smidgen more. I’ve learned to rearrange my time to fit in the things I want. It’s tough. You’re blessed and about to step into your dream. You’ll find a way to rearrange.

  6. Oh, What a wonderful list! So much meat – and whimsy.

    I’ve been wishing for a 30-hour day for years. Perhaps I have it backwards. I should wish for no need to fill every waking hour with productivity.

    I wish we could do better at listening to each other. Really listening. Maybe then “community” wouldn’t be so difficult – in the Real World.

    I wish I had some green olives. Good ones. Right now. Stuffed with garlic or almonds.

    In lieu of that, I’d take Reeses Cups. Go figure. Two packages would be just right.

    In lieu of that – a night’s sleep. Four or five nights in a row. Then I suspect my wishes would be more worthy, and my desire for olives & chocolate, less powerful.
    BigLittleWolf recently posted….Expect DelaysMy Profile

    • BLW – you and Mistress Kelly, wish for the same thing. I wish money grew on a tree in my backyard so I could work on my writing and not at the day job, then there would be no need for a 30 hour day. Hmmmm. Other than that, I’d say your wishes are terrific. I was striving for whimsy with a little heft on the side.

  7. I wish:

    Money grew on a tree in my backyard

    I loved to exercise.

    I wasn’t lactose intolerant ’cause I love ice cream.

    I could write and paint for a living and not bother with the other stuff.

    I had more time to read.

    My grass would cut itself.

    My kids to exceed in life and be happy in pursuing their passions.

    For my business to transition into a creative one.
    totsymae1011 recently posted….May I Run A Few Questions by You?My Profile

    • Tosh – I too wish I could earn a living as a creative, and work and dream that dream a little everyday. I force myself to exercise and have hypnotized myself into believing I love it (even though today I am sore from too many dead leg lifts yesterday) ARGH! It’s a necessary evil. Thanks much for visiting.

  8. Many, many wishes I have, too. Like, I wish I trust myself more. I wish I write like Joyce Carol Oates. And even not so faraway ones, like I wish to live by the sea one day; I wish to read under a cherry-blossom tree in NY one day.

    Love your list, B. Unfortunately, we probably need to let the kids take in their heartaches to let the light shine in their cracks. (*Hugs* I can imagine how tough it is for you as a parent.)

    • Oh, C, I know my monkeys have to learn life through their own experiences, still that doesn’t stop me from wishing. Joyce, is amazing writer. I think I mentioned to you once I saw her speak. She’s funny, brilliant, and the most encouraging woman I ever had the pleasure of hearing. If you make it to NY, I want to be there too.

  9. pamela bono

    Brenda.. I love ■For each of us to realize our dreams.. I remember Casey Kasem said “I won’t have it all until we all have it all”…So true!

  10. Brenda,
    Your list reads like poetry, and I can totally relate to many of your wishes. But right now, my wish, is that I’d be able to get at least 8 hours sleep every night and still be able to get to all the items on my to-do list. Sigh.
    Monica recently posted….Lennon’s WallMy Profile

    • Monica-I always have that on my list, only seven hours is my number. I know what you mean about time and getting to everything. I feel like I am always working to a deadline. Dang! Sweet dreams.

  11. I could drink vodka with Marlene Dietrich in the Late Night Grande Hotel — Well, YEAH!

    In that spirit, maybe I’ll get glammed up for my Ménage à Trois with YOU!

    Counting the days…XOXOX
    Dangerous Linda recently posted….friday momentMy Profile

    • Linda- I’ve always liked Marlene. I don’t know much about her other than watching her movies. She has the air of mystery, which I fuel. Me, too, looking forward.

    • I am always surprised when people tell me I am honest with my words. I read others who are much more straight forward and I think to myself, WOW. Thanks, as always for the blessings and good wishes, they make me smile on the inside.

  12. Luchi Smiles

    Wow! A lot of wishes. I wish I knew the answers and not have to bother with the questions – why me or why not me?

    Oh, and I once wished I said ‘I love you’ earlier…I’m so glad I didn’t!

    My wish for you is that your wishes come true, at least those ones you so dearly wish for.

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  14. Wow you have some AWESOME wishes…. this ” I cannot help but wonder how lucky we are to have found friends we might never have met if not for blogging and yes, Facebook, the evil darkness mistress of distraction and time loss.” I truly believe this and have said it often.. I have friends ..real friends I never would have met if it weren’t for blogging.. if we didn’t connect through words.. I am happy to connect with YOU through words..As always..XOXOXOXOXO
    Bongo recently posted….STARTING OVER……..My Profile

    • Bongo! I know that’s not your name – but it’s such a statement. Tis true about connections, many are made virtually. It’s not a bad thing and in some cases, it’s darn right magical. Wishing you the best on your new blog journey.

  15. I love your list. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. (Tell anyone I said that, I’ll deny it.)

    Three things I wish: That I could always get an excellent parking spot, that Zoloft had no sexual side effects, and that gargoyles were more affordable.

    I’d give anything to write full-time, too.
    June O’Hara recently posted….The MessageMy Profile

  16. What if all our combined wishes came true, Brenda? I know that I’d finally learn the alphabet – I thought I was the only adult who need to recite most of it to ‘find’ a letter!
    But living passionately? You’re doing that already – and how! Thanks for being such an inspiration.
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted….If I Ruled The WorldMy Profile

    • Why thank you, Corinne. I try. I don’t know about being inspiring, but it’s a beautiful thing to hear. Hugs, Mrs. C. and thanks for organizing the sox hop.

    • Kaiie! He isn’t an obsession, but there are some artists who have stage persona, he is one, and I’d liked to have seen him live. I missed Tina and Cher. DAMN!

  17. Hello, Brenda …
    What, you ask, do I wish?
    Well, right now, I wish I hadn’t got quite so involved in reading all these blogs … it is now nearly noon and my tummy is reminding me that I have been here for well over five hours and I clean forgot breakfast and meds, LOL.
    I enjoyed reading this list very much … it encouraged me to do a little woolgathering of my own.
    With respect, Pat.

    • Patricia, the downside of blogging is reading and commenting, it sometimes takes way the fun of writing. Thanks kindly for stopping by and taking the time to share a bit of you.

      • Hello, Brenda …
        I beg leave to differ … the downside is my lamentable lack of self-control, LOL. I became so involved that I failed to notice the time! Had a wonderful day in here, reading every blog.
        Having arrived here again, I felt dissatisfaction at the paucity of my comment, so off I went to read your post again … and discovered why my original response was scanty. …
        You see, most of your list triggered responses in my mind and the rest involved stuff I don’t understand (what is a WIP, when it’s at home?) Don’t answer … I probably wouldn’t understand, jargon has e’er been a foreign language to me.
        I find myself at a loss as to which topic to respond upon … then I think to myself, ‘poor woman’s got enough on her plate, by the look of it, so I won’t tie her down with useless chatter’.
        So, once again, I go off on my way, having failed to comment on your post, Brenda … but only because I want to answer each individual point with at least one paragraph … and the ones about loss of loved ones? I won’t allow myself to start, because I believe we can all access the inner voice should we so wish.
        Thank you for an excellent post.
        With respect, Pat.
        Patricia Eastwood recently posted….Sometimes I Wish …. …. ….My Profile

        • Patricia – you are a wonderful person, thanks much for coming back. WIP – you should know, is a ‘work in process’ I personally don’t’ understand why writer’s just don’t say ‘novel or manuscript’ but they don’t. I’ve noticed we say our WIP, meaning the body of work is in progress, but not finished. I responded the topic, both seriously and in jest. We all have wishes, some we can make a reality, others, sadly not. Even though I listed my wishes here, I kept the real ones a secret, you know, just in case they might come true.

  18. You are one of my favorite writers and I loved the manner by which you wrote your wishes… I couldn’t have possibly made such a list ~ you have expressed yourself very well but what struck me the most was that wish on loving’ later’ (in italics)…That’s really something new to me.

    Thanks so much for your patience.

    Lots of love to you Brenda!
    Melissa Tandoc recently posted….CloserMy Profile

    • Melissa, what a generous and kind comment to make. I am grounded and appreciate the time you took to read my post and for leaving such a wonderful comment. I like love is a big deal. I fell too soon, didn’t have a clue. I wouldn’t change it because it altered me and pushed me onward. Still, I wonder from time to time, how I would have turned out if I had waited to say those words. Something I will never know.

    • Love to you to, Melissa. I think I missed this comment. I’m sorry. I’ve been buried in other writing and so behind on blogging and commenting. Not enough hours in the day.

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