Guidelines For Living A Heartache Free Life

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Ramblings from Stella Delray, heroine from Nothing Is Lost In Loving. World Wide Release: April 13, 2016

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to sidestep life’s obstacles and live void of heartache, here are some guidelines to navigate through life without angst.

  1. Follow every rule you ever learned to the letter–no deviations.
  2. Stay inside of your comfort zone.
  3. Hold on to predictability.
  4. Buy a Filofax: plan every day, each hour down to the minutes and seconds, leaving no room for indecision.
  5. Be prepared for all occasions; don’t run the risk of the expected
  6. Dress as your great-grandmother Alison would expect you too.
  7. Blend in.
  8. Don’t cross against the light.
  9. Never take a spin on a red brick floor.
  10. Give up when you know there is no chance, none whatsoever that you’ll succeed. Why bother trying.
  11. Accept your destiny as it is don’t consider the possibilities.
  12. Never say what you think, not ever.
  13. Don’t raise your voice keep it hidden.
  14. Stifle creativity, following your heart
  15. If standing at a crossroad, retreat.
  16. Embracing the status quo ensures a hassle free existence–live inside the lines.
  17. Do what is expected of you even if something about it feels constrictive, even wrong.
  18. Be safe, not sorry–taking chances is never a good idea.
  19. Block stray daydreams and secret passions from becoming a reality (it will only lead to unpredictability and potential heart seizures).
  20. Never have a third glass of wine, or order dessert first. Starts with the appetizer don’t break with convention.
  21. Don’t dance even if no one is watching.
  22. Only say I love you when you are absolutely sure it is the right time and you know there is no chance of heartache.
  23. Don’t take any unnecessary chances. Why tempt fate?
  24. Be compliant, avoiding showing your stripes and your weird streak.
  25. Give up your control.

Like all cure-alls, there are side effects. In this case, following the guidelines to live a perfect life will likely yield minimal to no passion, every day will look exactly like the previous one, the occasional loss of will, dreamless sleep, boredom, and a sense something is missing.
I like to throw caution to the wind and live with reckless abandonment.

Have I had a perfect life? Hell no. Has there been heartache? Yes, the stuff blank journals are made for, but there are no regrets. Nothing Is Lost In Loving, passion is meant to share and spent freely never hoarded or wasted. I think life was designed to push our buttons, keep us on our toes, to hurt once and while, but for the tears I’ve shed there have been some brilliant moment.

And you, how do you approach the days?


I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

8 thoughts on “Guidelines For Living A Heartache Free Life

  1. This may have me questioning my actions and reactions for a solid week. Not saying that is a bad thing, at all… You put a lot of effort in the post. I absolutely adore a good list.

  2. Goodness, Brenda! This all sounds like my mother telling me how I should act and react. Whew! So glad I broke with tradition and embraced passion, even when it meant getting my heart broken and dreams shattered. I’ve learned to shed the tears, pick up the pieces and move on.
    Bless you, my friend, and may your novel sell millions! (Wish mine would . . . :) )
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