A Woman’s Wish

Accept Me as I Am

In the morning with crumpled hair, smudged
mascara, toxic breath, and my morning bark
Accept my beauty

Wait while the double-shot of Jamaican Mountain Blue
Charges through my veins inflating my being
Accept my dependency

In the afternoon before lunch when my
Blood sugar is lower than the Rio Grande in August
Accept my need

When I am bluer than a blue moon in March
And stuck in a moment I can’t get out of
Accept my gloom

When the step of my stride is too slow
To keep pace with the swirling light of my life
Accept my weakness

When the wine cracks me down the middle freeing
Buried memories from the depths of my soul
Accept my past

When I am crying over nothing significant
And the weight of the anguish splits my seams
Accept my sorrow

When my laughter shatters the silence
In a Cineplex two seconds before the punch line
Accept my playfulness

When I sing he done me wrong songs off-key
Into to the wind going seventy-five down the Interstate
Accept my recklessness

In the heat of a passionate embrace, accept me–
If I cry in surprise, in awe, anticipation, or relief
Accept my vulnerability

When my body is less like it was at hello
Welcome me as if I were new and caress tenderly
Accept my changes

All that I was, I am, and will be
In a day, next month, and in a moment of indecision
Accept my contradiction

When my words blur and send mixed messages
In snippets of sounds, hmm’s, fluttery lashes, and growls
Accept my distraction

When my hunger and longing, anger and frustration
Cripple my judgment, rational sensibility, and logic
Accept my flawed self

If my pieces, in color, in black and white, and shades of grey
Above the surface and where few dare to venture, and confuse
Accept my mystery

Accept me as I am
As I was meant to be
As I become
As I aspire
As I dream
Accept me without expectation
Accept me as I accept you


The woman in a woman:

She’s complex. She’s ugly. She’s tantalizing. She’s evocative. She’s moody. She’s flawed. She’s confusing. She’s ever changing. She’s a mystery worth exploring. She’s passion. She’s hungry. She’s Gilda. She’s anything and everything. She’s all this and more.

Don’t forget who you are and how you arrived at your destination.  Good or bad, you powered yourself and the life you live to this exact moment. You hold the key. You hold power and know-how to redefine and edit your life. Let your voice sing.

What makes you, you?  


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I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

50 thoughts on “A Woman’s Wish

    • Kelly – I do believe you are correct, most of us can connect in one way or another. And thanks kindly for the thoughtful comments, much appreciated, always.

  1. Oh yes Brenda, this woman is REAL! What a beautiful, beautiful poem. You have such a gift with words, the ability to get under your reader’s skin and into their hearts. You make me smile and you make me cry and sometimes you manage to do both at once. I wish your poem could be in my children’s school anthology. This is so real! Much love to you, and gratitude that you keep writing. xxx
    Edith recently posted….Lessons on Life and Writing from NaNoWriMoMy Profile

    • Edith – I am so glad you found something in my words. I didn’t start out to write this, really. I realized midway through I had a handful of feelings that wanted a home. I am relieved I managed a smile and, but the crying, not so much.

  2. Breathtaking.
    You planning on renewing your vows, woman????
    I’m in a cynical mood today but imagine if every woman stood before her betrothed, before God, and before all those witnesses and uttered these words? Would they all say “I do”?
    Astra recently posted….The Cool Caf CredoMy Profile

    • Astra, once was enough. I’m not complaining about the first time or the years, but marriage is a hell of a lot of work, don’t you think. This was just a reminder that I felt I should share.

    • Jodi.. it’s something to remember as we all have our dark moments. We shouldn’t but we do. As always, I appreciate the time you take out of your day to visit and leave kind words.

    • June, I have a sneaking suspicion I know what makes you, you. I really don’t think of this as commonly accepted poetry, but so appreciate you kindness by classifying it as such.

    • Barbara, it was a surprisingly easy write. I certainly felt my super woman-ness take over as my fingers danced across the keyboard. How much time? :-)

    • Monica, your words are too kind. You know I don’t think of my stuff as poetry, more my thoughts/emotions narrowed to fleeting images of feelings I believe many can relate to.

  3. “Accept me as I am
    As I was meant to be
    As I become
    As I aspire
    As I dream
    Accept me without expectation
    Accept me as I accept you”

    This is what we need to accept in ourselves — not demand from another.


  4. Brenda, how well you express the everyday thoughts of a million women worldwide. This should be the anthem of women all over the world. You are a writer who writes the language of the soul and shapes the melodies of the heart into a readable text. Glad to have found your blog <3

    Joy always,

    • Susan – Thanks kindly for making time for my site and for sharing your thoughts with me. I don’t know if I captured this sentiment exactly, but it’s how I felt the morning I wrote it.

  5. So glad I read this today. I’ve been rather ashamed at how my old flaws (I thought they were old, but guess they are ageless) had crept up these past few stressful weeks. I haven’t been the better person I wish I am. My flaws ~ I still don’t like few of them, and I don’t particularly want to accept this flawed part of me, but I do want to embrace this ‘I understand I feel xxx now and that I don’t like how it makes me feel about myself’ acknowledgement. The acknowledgement is important to me. Also, it reminds me that I am bigger than my frustrations. Accept my insecurities, my recklessness, my melancholia, my wretched fears and hurts.

    • C – I don’t think you are alone, we always carry our baggage along wherever we go. I believe the trick is to acknowledge we have some history, kick it the curb and remind ourselves how far we’ve come.. Hard? Yes, but it’s the truth. All of the negative and insecurities have pushed us to where we are now. And you are bigger than your frustrations, so much so.

  6. This is beautiful Brenda…Nicolle shared this with me on FB last night and I have not been able to get this out of my mind since then :)

    “You hold the key” – somehow this line is where I am stuck everytime I read it as I feel this one’s for Me to read, understand and then execute.

    Loved it!! <3 <3
    Privy Trifles recently posted….A secret revealedMy Profile

    • Hello, Privy.. Nicole is a gem. I am glad, I think, you can’t get this out of your head, me either. I am not sure where it came from, but clearly, it wanted out. Thanks kindly for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I do apologize for the delay.. It’s been a manic couple of weeks. And thanks kindly for your generous words.

  7. Lovely poem, Brenda! I think so many of us can see these same attributes in ourselves. I can. Lately I’m getting in very close touch with my insecurities and determination. xox

    • Adriene – I didn’t think of it as a poem, not the sort of poetry you compose, more of a reminder to myself. Don’t be afraid to stalk you insecurities, you’ll be surprised how strong you are and always were… I haven’t forgotten about the review. I just behind on everything.

      • Ah, to me this has the vision and music of a poem, but it’s beautiful by any name! I have a lot of stalking to do as I’m quite insecure these days. ;p Not to rush about the review. I know you’re in the throes of writing and such, so I completely understand. :-)

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