Taking Chances

There are instances when a woman feels she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, even out fly Superman, if she chooses. I covet this moment more than finding the perfect opening sentence (but only because I trust in my voice to arrive at one even if I have to write it one hundred and two times).  I live for the rush. It’s empowering. It’s raw strength pelting through my veins at Luke Skywalker light speeds.  I LOVE IT!  It’s not an ‘at will or on demand’ state of mind. It comes when it comes and you’d better damn well be ready to strap on your cape and fly with the roughnecks through uncharted territory, when it does.

I liken it to a woman peeling back her layers, knocking down the Berlin wall she hides behind, and then, naked and free from her own demon fears, she runs recklessly through her life, kicking boxes of regrets and fears out of her way, until she arrives breathlessly at her next step.  What happens next?  

All too often, a woman will soar to the moment of awareness as gracefully as an eagle flies over the Rockies at daybreak, but after arriving at that point of change, she falters on the edge, teetering with fear and indecision. Some look to the heavens for guidance, and pause, hoping for a sign.  Some would argue a message will ensue if we are patient and can read cosmic clouds. Sadly, all too many will stand still waiting for another shot of super power for the courage to step forward and realize what’s waiting the other side of the rubble.

I’d argue a woman, or man for that matter, of any age, who has taken the time to stand out from behind the clutter of broken dreams, fears, oh no’s, I couldn’t possibility, and has arrived at the next big thing in life, should simply jump forward. It’s just life. What can go wrong if you don’t have all the answers or mistakes are made? What’s the worst that can happen?




Still thinking….

Having traversed the same threshold a few times myself, I’d argue the worst that will happen if you teeter on the edge gripped in fear is you’ll miss an opportunity to breathe in risk and enjoy the raw pleasure of life.  Maybe your big risk is saying I love you or goodbye, to the only one that made your heart pound like the keys of a piano does from The Rach.3 (Rachmaninoff).  Maybe you’ll hesitate from hitting SEND for fear of rejection.  Maybe you think if you wait long enough someone will come along, show you the way, and ease the burden of trekking it alone through uncharted territory.  What happens if you freeze in time?

You’ll not make a memory, have a story to tell, a box of love letters to read. You’ll have wasted the rush of life.  BOOHOOHOO!  

When the moment of frenzy swoops down on you, grab your cape and let if take you where you need to go. When you arrive at the cliff, don’t hesitate, jump with your heart and mind wide open. You’ll not want to miss a single instance.   Life is best lived, raw and without a guidebook.

What are you waiting for – or if you’re so inclined, what held you back from walking across your threshold?

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I’m a writer and hoarder of one-size-fits-all panty hose. Until the hose fits over my bum, I write to provide an alternative view on writing and perfection.

41 thoughts on “Taking Chances

  1. This coming year is going to be a big one for me. My books will be coming out and I’ll see if I can make it as a writer. It’s a huge test, and I’m terrified. But I’m pushing forward. Failure is a chance I’m taking because there’s no hope of success without taking that chance.
    Kelly Hashway recently posted….2nd Annual Summer Giveaway HopMy Profile

    • Kelly – like your are ALWAYS telling me, believe, believe.. You won’t know until you soar, which you are doing now. Keep moving forward and reach out to all of us to spread the word. We’re all cheering you, well, I know I am. XX HUGS!

  2. I covet this moment more than finding the perfect opening sentence (but only because I trust in my voice to arrive at one even if I have to write it one hundred and two times).
    We are soul sisters, let me tell you. We trust our voices. We trust our instincts, our intuitive powers. We don’t care how many times it takes to get it right – at least to our exquisite satisfaction.
    I covet the moment too. When I hear the inner Voice saying, “Okay, now! Jump!” But… there are childhood memories, fears, disappointments that last a lifetime. These are the hardest hurdles to overcome. These are the tall buildings that cause us to pause and think twice. Still, I’m waiting for the “Jump! Now is the time!”
    Debra recently posted….Off the WallMy Profile

    • Debra- I think so. I know we have different muses and voices, but I’ve longed suspected we approach our writing in similar fashions. One day my soul sister, we will met in person and have a lengthy discussion. D-I suspected there isn’a person alive without baggage that we lug around from one dream to the next. I can’t tell you what to do only suggest, leave it one time and see what happens.

  3. I’m grabbing my cape, Brenda, and soaring with the eagles! Oh, I loved your reference to pausing, looking at the heavens, waiting for a sign. No! Signs, as I wrote in my last post, are all around us, every day. We simply need to open our eyes and hearts to them. And, follow in faith, in trust, empowered and renewed.

    Fear, especially of rejection, is crippling to our spirits. I hope everyone who reads this post will feel like the superhero God has intended them to be. Have your story, your memory, and your box of love letters! :)

    Blessings to you!
    Martha Orlando recently posted…."Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign . . ."My Profile

    • Martha – Have I mentioned you are an expected treasure? I did think it was a bit odd we posted on a similar topic knowing how unique our voices are – go figure. I do shed tears when I read my box of letters, but never our of regret. Life is just that, life.

  4. Jo

    I guess with age comes more of those super woman days because I have 3 or 4 a week these days!
    The other days I nap and get ready for the next burst of greatness.

    Jo recently posted….UNEXPECTEDMy Profile

  5. Hi Brenda,

    Just as there are times that call for deliberation before action, there are the other times, of which you speak, where caution can prove harmful. To chime Debra’s comment, “We trust our voices. We trust our instincts, our intuitive powers.” I can’t think of a better way to reply to your post than that.

    Sometimes it’s best to ride that wave of superhuman-ness and see where it takes us.

    Ray Colon recently posted….Nobody AskedMy Profile

    • Ray, I’ve never observed the warning signs, sadly. I have wished now and again that I have read and obeyed the rules, but it’s not in my genetic writing to be stand by with caution. Of course, I’ve made a lion share of mistakes but… no regrets, that my rule.

  6. jan

    I more often than not take the plunge off into the unknown, thinking of course I know, then look around in dismay at where I am and wonder how I got there. As in this raising the grandkids journey I am on. I do always enjoy the journey, but usually after I have started another…lol
    jan recently posted….A GirlMy Profile

    • Jan – I trust you have a guaranteed spot in the celestial heavens for your gift of kindness. I try not to think about the end (near impossible since we humans are not wired that way) and focus on the journey, which in the case of donning the author persona. To get somewhere with writing requires the person to write, which is the journey. Hugs, Jan, those kids are blessed.

  7. Loved this! I just left another blog post that addressed taking risks and in my comment there I mentioned that I’d rather take a risk and follow my intuition and fail then wonder what could have been. We won’t always have the signs to indicate the direction we should go in…but when the signs are lacking, we just need to follow our hearts and go for it!

    • Jessica, you and I agree on this point. Trust in your heart, always. I figure if it doesn’t work out I have gained a new life experience from which to draw upon. Thanks kindly for swinging by.

  8. June O'Hara

    Eight years ago, someone suggested I write a book. So, I decided, “I’ll write a book!” like it would be simple.
    Like it would be simple.
    Can you even imagine?

    • Mistress June, of course, writing a good is easy. NOT! I recently wrote a letter to Ann Patchett, explaining I thought since I had written thousands of one page letters on single sheets of par avion paper, writing a book would be a piece of cake. HAHAHA, the joke was on me. I would say, the second is coming along with ease, but only because I don’t have to stop to self educate, go to school, learn something about the craft of writing. Now, I am comfortable with fast drafting and scooting through the first draft of the second WIP. The real work begins in the second and third rewrites, but I am ready! Hugs, June, for stopping by.

  9. I’ve been a little inclined all my life to toss the baby out with the bath water. But honestly, I don’t know any other way. Take that job, marry that man, quit that job, divorce that man. Buy that $2500 Gucci silk raincoat that you only wear twice then give it to a dear friend. I speed ahead reckless, and sometimes it serves me well. Sometimes not so much. But I hate being fearful so I won’t. Grab it by the horns and go down with the ship, or ride off on the bull to land! Lovely post, Darling Brenda! I only wish I had 1/100th of your talent and I would conquer the world!
    Linda Medrano recently posted….Nude Is Not LewdMy Profile

    • Hey Mike! You are most welcome, it was a pleasure to write, to be honest. I hesitated about something for no good reason, after I the words more or less danced across the page. I know all about kids – we do what we must for their sake, but don’t let it stop you from taking flight now and again.

  10. Recently I spent a day at La Presque Ile or as we call it ‘The Rock’ it is a big flat rock at the end of a small peninsula which opens into the deep blue sea. As we stood on the edge of the rock and dove into the water my friend offered an analogy of how we are in life, the one who walks to the edge past all the hesitaters, waiting for the swell to lift and dives in, the one who waits a little longer, gives a few excuses, utters a few cries after asking how cold it is and then dives and then there was my friend herself, who splashed the water on her body first to desensitise the body, thought about the philosophical meaning behind it all as she observed everyone else dive before her and shared that thought and then finally she followed.

    As I watched her waiting and hesitating and listened to the analogy, it struck me that its a choice between two forms of suffering, the anxiety of indecision and the prolonging of the suffering that comes with it, or the suffering of the unknown place into which we must plunge – with the latter comes knowledge and awareness and yes, even pain of a freezing cold sea, but it always surpasses hesitation or inactivity because soon after comes the exhilaration of having done it.

    Now when I hesitate, I think of that rock and the good feeling of having let go of its security and plunging into the depths! Great post Brenda !
    Claire ‘Word by Word’ recently posted….WildMy Profile

    • Claire – what a beautiful and amazing response, thank you kindly for sharing and taking the time to leave behind your experiences for others to read. Each time I read through your words I find myself getting lost in a sea of possibility. I agree with you, regardless of the outcome of taking a plunge into the unknown, I’ve found it always to be worthwhile. I’ve cried a few tears over the years after doing something reckless but I don’t look back with regret and refuse to carry the burden of bitterness. Life is truly best lived, large and with purpose. Thank you, again, for your words. It seems a perfect ending to my post.

  11. I am amazed at how like me are so many women in their fears and struggle to push forward. I am sad for myself at times, sad that I was so stifled, made to believe (in my own thinking because of what was going on in my life) that I couldn’t, that I didn’t dare. And yet, I want to. And I say to you, Brenda, yay for you! Yay for all of us willing and daring enough to try and not let life’s lies hold us back.
    Lynn A. Davidson recently posted….Book Review: The Lion Is In – by Delia EphronMy Profile

    • Lynn – I think each one of us gets tangled up in our knickers and forget to exhale now and again, it’s part of the process we go through to get to who we are or were and will become. My view, as along as we continue to move forward and enjoy the moment (good or bad) we’re doing OK.

  12. Anna

    Love it Brenda! Many times I’m led to a cliff of what seems to me is a big decision but I’m so used to playing it safe…I am jumping more lately…maybe it’s the cancer experience or maybe just age? Beautiful writing as always

    • Anna – we tend to follow our hearts, at least that’s what I’ve noticed for me, and have learned by reading comments to the post. Sometimes safe is best, but then I think I might miss out on something that is meant to be. Who can say for sure.

  13. k~

    Your words are wonderful to read, no matter what the topic is. This held some great advice, a little nudge and a bit of foreshadowing regret for the person who does not take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

    My “demon fears” are fears, which is actually helpful for transitioning from the edge of that fall, into the plunge away from whatever boundaries may be attempting to insinuate themselves upon me.

    Great read Brenda.
    k~ recently posted….Garden Party (Scriptic)My Profile

    • K – There is a story behind this post (isn’t there always) and as much as I wrote it for others, it is written from me to me as a reminder. Your kind words always leave a little dent in my heart. You’ve been on my mind lately. I’ve an email half written.

  14. Always enjoy your writing’s..candid..spontaneous..FUN with intrigue..and i LOVE that pic..is that you? Gorgeous silhouette, kinda like what we see here when we read your thoughts…its great to share isn’t it..and i SO relate to the “rush”..timing is everything..and love YOURS! (hugs)

    • Hola Brenda (seems funny to be writing myself, which I’m not, but… Not me in the picture, at least not the real me, but she is the essence of me. I quite like your description of my writing. I am never quite sure how to define myself, but you have nicely. Thanks of that…When I write a post or have an idea for one, I don’t really think it all the way through, I just write it. Hugs back. I’m enjoying your photos – beautiful.

  15. I know what it is that holds me back sometimes: that I’d be called a fraud, that I’m not as good as I think I am, that I’ll fall than fly if I jump off. Then in other cases, it’s people I can’t leave behind. They aren’t holding me back, but I can’t bear to leave them.

    But I like what you wrote: jump forward. Taking a little leap at a time and seeing where that’ll lead sounds … all right. That I can handle.

    • C – we creatives can be our own worst enemy. What you speak of, is something that plagues me all the time, but for whatever reason, maybe insanity, I’ve chosen to ignore it and live life by my rules and be whom I want, write what calls to me, take my chances everyday I write. There is something about little leaps that gives the heart faith to keep moving.

  16. Brenda: Sometimes I find myself spending time meditating about things I did not do. Life is full of opportunities and it would be awesome if I had the courage to take advantage of them all. I have my own fears, but everyday I feel like I get stronger and those fears become less fearful. Generally, I am more of a loner type of person. I like to do a lot of reading and play with art work. I found I like it best by myself when it is quite. Even though, I love my alone time, I want to have a lot of close friends. I feel like I could never have too many real friends and there are tons of people on this earth, but many times I let opportunities pass me by. I need to remember to start asking men for their numbers so we can keep in touch and for women I do not need to remember, but I just need to man up! ( :
    William Veasley recently posted….The Invisible Pair of ShoesMy Profile

    • William, thanks much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts behind. I’ve notice most creatives are loners. I am less likely to collect people and limit myself to a few, but only because time is limited for me. I say, follow your heart in all cases. Maning up is usually the only option. :-)

  17. More than anything, what has held me back are two painful knees and degenerative disease in my lower back. I have been attending the YMCA though and learning that I am capable of far more than I thought! Here’s to new beginnings and ways out!

    • Elizabeth – you go woman, keep your heart light and head hungry for knowledge. I’ve found a person is always capable of more than they think that they are…

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