New Year’s Resolutions: UPDATED

Herman Munster

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A suitable list of alternative resolutions written for a body in motion, a body flawed, a body cracked in places, a body that soars on the page but sometimes hesitates in the mirror, for the body with a heart that is sometimes tentative, and for the body that houses a passion to big to be contained.

I vow to go on a diet. It’s time to shed pounds of baggage and doubt.  Houston, we have clearance for take-off. Excess was dropped on Interstate 40. 

Everyday I will to look into the mirror—emotionally naked—and rejoice in all I see, even those Herman Munster feet of mine I’ll need to stand on when I am in front my mirror with only my birthday suit.  Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall.

I will exercise my heart by gifting the love that flows freely within without consideration or concern it may never come back in equal measures. This isn’t working out for me so well.  I’ve called Antonio Banderas and Liam Neeson and left at least a dozen messages, but have yet  hear back. I got love boys, come on by.

I won’t count the number of pounds I gain and lose over the year, instead I will keep a tally of the number of words I write then rewrite. I can’t count the pounds I gained because there are none to count, on the flip side, I can’t count the ones I’ve lost, either.  Score: Nil:Nil.  Word count:  WIP 42K, and all the other stuff, thousands to the power of ten.

There will be at least one adventure a month and a breathless moment of bravado each week as I confront an unknown fear with reckless abandonment.  I tend to live on the edge, the sharpest point, which means I combined several breathless moments into a few weeks. If you average them out, I’m set until February, 2013. 

I will keep a daily journal of random thoughts, wild notions, opening lines, unlikely endings, secret wishes, and dear diary ramblings.  Dear Diary, I’m sorry to have neglected you for so long. It’s me and not you.  I need my space. I am committed to expressing myself in a new WIP.  You understand, right?  There were never any expectations, remember we agreed? 

I will walk with my eyes upward, my stride even, my mind clear of lists and to-dos. I will smile, wink, and even flutter the lashes, for no reason other than to exchange smiles.  This was a ringer resolution. Every list has to have at least one big easy to-do, one given no brainer, one I will NOT fail thing.  This was mine.  Flirting is akin to breathing and writing. I engage without thought.

I will make peace with a memory and bury the heartache that sometimes rears its ugly face at 3:00 AM.  I have seven more months.  I won’t fail, I won’t, I won’t.

I won’t hesitate at hello and reconsider goodbye.   I hate good-byes, don’t you?

I promise to begin more then end, and to continue moving through life with hope of discovery regardless of the outcome even if the end is a foregone conclusion. I have no scientific evidence to back me on this, but I kind of think this is called living.

I will whisper to the wind and wait to hear her response even it takes the length of a moment. I bought a hearing aid.  Still waiting.

I promise not to admonish myself for not reaching the bottom of a list or reading a book from page one to The End. This is a separate blog topic.

I will not to guilt myself to undertaking a task just because it’s popular or deemed necessary.  Easy peazie.

I will reward myself for investing in passions that slide like silk over my naked soul.  God, how I wish it wasn’t so easy to reward myself.  It”s like eating chocolate.. It’s in my mouth melting on my tongue before I even realize I peeled back the paper.

The writer in me will believe the words I write without doubt.  Doubt last seen hitchhiking on Interstate 40.

The woman in me will embrace the words I write—even the ones written with stark honesty—with humility and courage.  Well, DUH!

The past I’ve sometimes regretted will unfold before me with new meaning.  I was on glass of wine number two but the time I go this far in my list of resolution.  New meaning… ?

I will cherish the failures equally, but only after a glass of wine, a sad song, or three, a sniffle or pool of tears, and rise like a Phoenix the morning after with renewed commitment.  Hmmm, this was written before I started shopping my novel, will revisit at end of year.

I may doubt magic, but I won’t forsake hope.  Agreed.

I promise to remain true to myself, and the words that come from the right side of my heart, even if it sometimes stretches me beyond my comfort zone. Always.

I will continue to believe in the mystery of life. I will continue to believe in Some Enchanted Evening connections.  It’s how I am wired.  No way I couldn’t meet this one.

Above all, I will remain true to myself, regardless of the cost. I had to take out a loan to fund this resolution.


How are you doing with your alternative list of … dare I say the word, resolutions?

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28 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: UPDATED

  1. My resolutions including writing three novels this year. I’ve written four now. I’m currently revising two.

    I also said I’d read more current books, and I’ve been doing that too, but my TBR list is getting very outdated because of it, so I’ll have to slip some older ones in.

    I know there was a third resolution, but for the life of me, I can’t think of it. I’m going to guess I’m not doing well with it then. LOL.
    Kelly Hashway recently posted….Where Do the Ideas Come From?My Profile

    • You have surpassed your own expectations, Kelly.. I know you won’t rest, but treat yourself to a mani/pedi and be proud of your accomplishments this year, it’s been a good one.

  2. Brenda, congrats on the WIP achievement! And of all the others, of course. Keeping Doubt at bay (or on the highway) is great. Keeping your words honest and courageous AWESOME. :)

    I’m behind on what I’d set out to do, but fortunately, not too far behind. So … keep going, keep going …

    • Thanks, Claudine, it’s coming along. May wasn’t a good month for the WIP, but there was other writing. Not quite the same. I am always torn between writing the WIP or working on short stories for submission to build my platform… it’s a struggle.

  3. This year, I resolved NOTHING… so I’m getting it all done. (Sorry for bragging on self.)

    I had nebulous ideas, dreams, thoughts – and I still do. I have finished some things, and not finished others, done a shitload of reading, research and personal development, and consumed vast quantities of cheese, martinis, and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. I have volunteered and participated in some things, and stepped away from others. I have always remembered to feed the cat.

    I hate goodbyes, too. Thank you for the dreamy, lyrical, inspiration I *always* get from a visit here.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted….Demons and Blood and Hotness, Oh My!Christine Ashworth & Demon Hunt Cover RevealMy Profile

    • Hey Bev.. I didn’t really think of the list as resolutions as much as a list of things I should be aware of, granted a few are resolution-esque, but I don’t really think that way. I mostly try to stay present perfect (damn hard) and accomplish the little goals I set for myself each day, like walking, and smiling at lanky man (who probably think I am one crazy chica).

  4. “I will whisper to the wind and wait to hear her response even it takes the length of a moment. – I bought a hearing aid. Still waiting.” – means maybe you need a translator not a hearing aid 😉
    Love this!! I made no resolutions this year and am still on that roll 😉
    Astra recently posted….“Now, this won’t hurt a bit …”My Profile

    • Astra, rarely so we go back and reflect on what we said we might like to do, at least not until the next year. On my drive across the desert a couple of weeks ago I remember the post and thought I should revisit it. I review was intended to be amusing for the reader’s sake but I gave each one some thought and asked.. “Is this true, have you done or tire, or accomplished….and is it necessary…? In any event, it was an interesting exercise.

    • Linda, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, make me feel good about this writing passion of mine. It’s darn hard sometimes to keep pushing forward.

  5. k~

    Brenda, I enjoyed the revision to your list of resolutions. It was fun to read.

    As for my own list, I don’t tether them anymore to January 1- January 1 deadlines. Now I call them goals, and each has their own time frame with a possibility of revision at any moment :-)
    k~ recently posted….A Dream Between (100 Word Song)My Profile

    • K – I don’t think my list is truly a resolution type of list (as noted to Bev) more of an awareness list. I work much better on a goal basis as you, but even better on a daily list sort of thing. Before I get in the AM, I say in my head, “this is what I want to do today…” I don’t always make it. Yesterday, I wanted to submit some poems (6/1 deadline) poems where ready, but my day job got out of hand, then I had an interview that went late, and finally, I had family obligations. I missed my poem deadline. :-( Today, on my list is character sketching. This is something I’ve been looking forward to all week.

  6. Brenda, great list. It’s so long, though, but I trust you know what you’re doing. It’s like a commitment, a contract, and I’m glad you were able to make some adjustments, though I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to have an attorney present in order to do so. The only thing on my list was to do the 50/50 Challenge and I just wrote about it yesterday, giving my May update. Outlook for making the 50/50 by December? Not good. And, like nearly every other woman I know, my resolution list includes losing weight. Outlook? Not good at all.

    I’m doomed, Brenda. I’m doomed. Sigh.
    Monica recently posted….200 and CountingMy Profile

    • Monica, I don’t think it’s a real list, as in I must do these things, I think of them more like guidelines, like Captain Jack Sparrow’s pirate’s code. I think of it as a list of awareness. The only think I am truly committed to is writing and being physically and mentally strong. Weight…. it’s a curse for some of us (me too). I focus on the walking, which is needed for my writing. Clears my head. For me, the 50/50 challenged would be a piece of cake. I am a movie fiend and reading is where I hide from reality. You are not doomed, woman, get a walk in every day, even if it’s 15 minutes. You may not end the year model perfect, but you’ll feel amazing.

    • Hi Kim – I don’t hold much stock in yearly resolutions. I’m not sure this one is that, but it’s a good life list (for me) to stay connected with my own self. Life moves so fast and we get caught up in our own knickers.

  7. Dear Brenda,

    I loved reading this and it reminds me that resolutions maybe tell us more about who we are than who we will be, right?

    My fave: “I promise to begin more then end, and to continue moving through life with hope of discovery regardless of the outcome even if the end is a foregone conclusion. I have no scientific evidence to back me on this, but I kind of think this is called living.”

    PS: Don’t doubt magic, it’s actually better than hope ;-*
    Dangerous Linda recently posted….authentically speakingMy Profile

  8. Personally, I don’t make resolutions, but I loved how you remind us here to be self-reflective and to check it, from time to time, on our progress in life. Where are we? Where were we? Where are we going? How are we doing?
    And, to do so, as you have, with a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek humor makes it better and sweeter!
    Blessings, Brenda!
    Martha Orlando recently posted…." . . . And, From Whom, No Secrets Are Hid . . ."My Profile

    • Martha, ever since I can remember I’ve been questing, catching dreams mid flight, landing long enough to refuel before catching a sunbeam the following morning. I’m not unhappy or discontent with my life, yet I am always looking to learn more And thank you, for noticing me take the ‘mickey’ at myself (make fun of) that was truly the point of the post.

  9. Dear Brenda, no, you may not use that word! All my resolutions have abysmally gone the way of the dodo bird with the exception of one, the desire to put a free e-book on my blog. My eldest child has come to the rescue in that department and is going to do the installation when they visit next month. I do think you are extremely brave to revisit your resolutions!!!

    • I don’t know about that, Elizabeth. I did make fun of myself, which was the point. I think it’s good to check in with myself often. I might change or need nudge to help me over some hump. It seemed like a good idea at the time.. have a little fun with myself while taking a moment to take my pulse. Can’t wait for the e-book. Very cool.

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