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Tattered Pages

of an unfinished story

 A scorching tale of a secret affair revealed in the pages of a love letter.


Not able to share the man she loves in dimly lit rooms of hotels with the world, a nameless woman tells a story of a decade long forbidden love affair she never imagined would last beyond a night.

She chronicles her romance from the chance tête-à-tête with a charismatic author who vows to love her passionately in the moment they are in, but never beyond, on through to the moment she realizes endings are not always ever-after, as she grew up believing them to be.

Knowing he is the romantic love story she always yearned to be the other half of she ignores logic and falls prey to his seductive charm. Even when she finally accepts the reality of her affair she clings to the fantasy he will one day realize what they share is uniquely brilliant and not something to be hidden in the shadows. She yearns to hear words of love and to know she matters to him as much as he does to her, but when she makes a final plea for their love to be recognized he leaves her alone in rumpled sheets imploring her live in the moment and to forsake expectations.

Brazen and unconventional. Tattered Pages is all yours here.

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JukeBox Tarot

Judith Nelson is on the fast track to becoming a successful executive, until she meets Ricky Corella—a dancer with an international ballet corps—at Bull’s Tavern.

The Mystery of Love

He is everything she’s not looking for and the one thing that terrifies her more than professional mediocrity. Ricky’s irresistible charm and reckless nature challenge her circumspect nature. She is certain his lust for everything life has to offer, including her, will only lead to heartache. But his serendipitous arrival in her world can’t be ignored.

The two fall into a sexy, to die for relationship with ease. Both have exciting careers and agree never to make long-term plans. Marriage and love is definitely off the table, which suits Judith since the last thing she wants is anything permanent. But three years later Ricky surprises her with a proposal. He has an opportunity to dance with a Barcelona dance troupe but doesn’t want to go without her. Judith freaks. Too terrified to respond or express her feelings for him she flees and finds herself back at Bull’s Tavern.

Judith pushes through the swinging doors determined to numb the Grand Canyon sized heartache, feed the jukebox with quarters, and listen to some old school love songs. She needs time to sort through her conflicted feelings, and the tavern is just the sort of place that promises anonymity. But before she has a chance to drown her sorrows she meets Rudy and Kendra, the owners of the bar. They warn her the Wurlitzer has a history of unexplainable temperamental behavior. Intrigued by the story, Judith temporarily forgets her angst over the marriage proposal and learns the jukebox is known for playing alternative musical selections it determines the patron needs to hear.

As the afternoon unfolds the three women listen in wide-eyed wonder to songs of hope and ever after possibility, which are not the breakup songs Judith selected. The jukebox’s musical choices force Judith to come to terms with her fears and what life would look like without Ricky. When the last song starts to play she realizes her destiny boarded a plane hours earlier and is long gone. She never expected to find out her fate through a musical Tarot reading and discovers her fate was sealed the first night she walked into Bull’s Tavern three years earlier.

A hauntingly unexpected read and it’s all yours here.

Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary Romantic Fantasy